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The Angerthas

The Angwar is a cirth, or runic, alphabet.  Developed by a bard named Daeron from Doriath for the more cultured Avarin people of Ennor, it was later modified by the Dwarves for their own usage, and eventually taken for the writings of Men as well.  In all the Angwar forms for the different languages, most of the symbols themselves stay the same, but many of the character-to-sound relationships are changed.

The Angerthas is the Angwar form used by Men and most Dwarves.  Some runs of letters are notably the same as in the parent Cirth, but others are quite different. This list includes symbols for the conjunctions "and", "or", and "the", and also six known numerals.


               p                  l                e
               b                z                lh                ê
               f                k                nd                a
               v                g                h                â
               hw                kh       ’ (glottal stop)                o
               m                gh                  ó
               mb                n                   ng or       ô
               t                kw                   nj                n
               d                gw                  i                s
               th                khw                y        "e"   (unstressed schwa*)
               dh                ghw                hy        "u" (stressed schwa*)
               r               ngw                u  
               ch                nw                ú  
                 j                w               +h
               sh                zh                û  

* A schwa is a vowel sound (similar to English short u) which can be spelled with nearly any English vowel; for example the a in “about”, the e in “synthesis”, the o in “harmony”, or the u in “medium”.

              "and"               "the"               "or"
mark to set apart when carving (Dwarvish) or to separate words when writing (Mannish) pause mark; comma or semi-colon end-of-sentence mark
end-of-paragraph mark (Mannish) end-of-paragraph mark (Dwarvish) hyphen mark

Note: Numerals are Dwarvish only; the race of Men has a different set which are not described.

        1         2         3         4         5         6