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Old Sindarin










abá: do not!

ba: no

ele: look, see, behold!

heca: be gone, stand aside!



Abari: the sub-race of elves from Ennor

aboro: elf from Ennor

aiar: sea

alata: radiance, glittering

alpa: swan

ama: mother

ammale: yellow bird

anga: iron

ango: grandchild

aran: king

aráta: noble

arpen: nobleman

Bala: Vala

bar: home

bata: beaten track, pathway

belle: physical strength

besse: wife

brasse: white heat

bredele: white birch

biúro: vassal

cava: house

ciria: ship

cua: dove

dagno: one who is slain, dead

dair: bridegroom

dakro: battle

dalma: palm of hand

dangwetha: answer

: adult female of any speaking race

dîr: adult male of any speaking race

dîs: bride

dissa: young female

doko: warrior

dolo: head

dor: land

doume: night

eide: rest

élne: star

ella: elf

elle: female elf

ello: male elf

elyadme: rainbow

endo: descendant

engole: lore

etledro: exile

eve: a person

felga: cave

fern: beech

find: hair

finde: skill

finweg: man of skill

gáia: terror, great fear

galla: tree

gása: void

góle: a long study

golodo: wise one

gurtu: death

hapa: shore

hecul: one forsaken, outcast

hwesta: puff, breath, breeze

hyule: incitement

ilia: each, every, all

kelepe: silver

kheleha: glass

khéro: master of a house or land

khiril: lady

lambe: language

lie: a people, group

linde: singer

liré: row, range

litse: sand

loga: fenland

malda: gold

míre: jewel

: hand

nele: tooth

nello: singer

nelli: singers

nidwa: cushion

ninniach: rainbow

novri: cleansing

nui: lament

núma: snare

pano: plank, board

pár: fist

parma: book

pathwa: level space

pelehi: fenced field

phaire: radiance

pharasse: hunt

phenda: threshold

poto: animal’s foot

orko: orc

oro: mountain

ragme: fathom (measurement of depth)

randa: Age

ranco: arm

rauta: metal

ría: wreath, garland

ríge: crown

: lion

rúma: sound of trumpets

runda: club for hitting

russe: polished metal

salape: herb

salphe: soup, broth

siré: river, stream

slíwe: sickness

sóba: juice

spanga: beard

spania: cloud

stabne: room, chamber

taika: boundary line

thele: sister

trumbe: shield

tulugme: support, prop

vilverin: butterfly

vola: wave

vomentia: a meeting of persons

waide: pledge, oath

wanure: kinswoman

wanuro: kinsman

watha: shade

wathel: "sister", associate

wator: "brother, associate

watte: stain

weda: bond

yadme: bridge

yaiwe: mocking, scorn

yura: course, set path



aba-: not to be said

anda: long

anu: male

arpenia: noble

barada: steep

baraha: hot, burning

barane: light brown

belka: excessive

belda: strong

beleka: great, mighty

berina: bold, brave

boron: steadfast

branda: lofty, noble, fine

brûna: enduring, lasting

dal: flat

elwa: pale blue

etlenna: exiled

find: skilled

hella: naked

gáialá: fell, terrible, dire

gerrha: dreadful

katwe: shaped, formed

khalla: exalted

lhong: serious

magna: skilled

maiga: soft

maite: handy, skilled with one’s hands

mála: loving, affectionate

malina: yellow

muina: dear

orkhalla: superior

panta: full

parcha: dry

phauka: thirsty

pikina: tiny

ragna: crooked

rauda: hollow

rimbe: frequent, numerous

ringe: cold

ruska: brown

scalla: obscured, hidden

slaiwa: sick, ill

tára: lofty

thalga: stalwart, steady, firm

tharna: stiff, rigid

thinta: short

ulga: hideous, horrible

ulgundo: monster

vanua: lost, gone, missing, departed



aba-: refuse

      aban: I refuse

auta-: go, leave

awarta-: abandon

batha-: trample

bertha-: be bold

bronie-: endure, survive

bua-: serve

buia-: follow, serve, hold allegiance

can-: cry aloud, call / summon

car-: do

deila-: proceed

etled-: go in exile

fuia-: feel disgust

glada-: laugh

hecta-: reject, abandon

led-: fare (as in how do you fare?)

map-: seize, take by force

nare-: tell a story

nestac-: insert, stick in

or-: rise

orta-: raise up

persa-: affect, concern, have to do with

partha-: arrange, compose

pet-: say

phalsa-: foam

rer-: sow seed (as on a farm)

rista-: rend, rip

rosta-: hollow out

scalia-: veil, conceal, obscure

síla-: shine

sirya-: flow

spalasta-: foam, froth

thintha-: fade

thrib-: scratch

tuia-: swell, grow

wanta-: depart, die

war-: betray

watta-: stain, soil

yai-: mock, scorn



au-: off, away

avad: away, apart

et-: forth, out

ho-: from

róna: east



epe: said, so says...

heko: except for, not counting

-na: to

-: together



aipen: anyone, whoever

e: he, she

hein: they (neutral)

hîn: they (feminine)

huin: they (masc)

ilpen: everyone

-n: I

-ngua: our

pen: one, a person

: it