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Eldarin Language Resources

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la-: more, -er (comparative)

an-: most, -est (superlative)

    (in front of a p, the -n becomes -m-; in front of r, l, s, m, the -n becomes -r-, -l-, -s-, -m-)



aika: fell, terrible, dire, dark

aina: holy

alda: tree-shaded

alkarinqua: glorious, splendid

alta: great, large, very big

alya: wealthy, prosperous, rich

anda: long

anwa: true, actual, real

aqua: fully, completely, wholly

ar-: high, noble

arauka: rushing

arinya: early

arna: royal

arwa: possessing, having, owning, having control of

astalda: valiant

atalanta: ruinous, downfallen

avanyrima: must not be told, not allowed to be related

avaqutima: must not be said, not allowed to be said

avarya: unwilling




C (not truly used; often K is written as C by translators, but in true Quenya K is used instead)





Eldarin: of the race of the Elves

elena: of the stars

elva: star-like

engwa: sickly, weak

entin: next

enwina: old, having many years

enya: middle, center

erda: deserted, left alone

eressa: only, alone

eruva: divine, of God

erya: single, sole, lone

ett (ettel): outer, outside

ettelen: foreign



faika: contemptible

faila: just, generous

faina: radiant

fara: enough, sufficient

fauka: desperate, parched

fini: cunning, crafty

finn (find): skilled

firima: mortal

firin: dead

fitha: spirited, spunky

foina: concealed, hidden away

flima: secretive

formait: dexterous, nimble-fingered / right-handed

formenya: northern

forya: right (direction)





halda: veiled, hidden

halla: tall

haloit: leaping

handa: intelligent

hanwa: male

hastaina: marred

har: near

harna: wounded, injured

hya: far off, remote, distant

helda: stripped, bare, naked

helka: icy

helkin: frozen

hra: chief, head, having the most power

herenya: fortunate, blessed, rich in spirit

hessa: withered

himba: adhering, sticky

hlara: hearing

hlont: phonetic

hui: murky, shadowy

hurin: hidden, buried

hwarin: crooked in shape

hyarmait: left-handed

hyarmenya: south

hyarya: left (direction)



ilfirin: immortal

ilya: whole, entire, complete

ily: all

inya: female

rima: desirable

istima: knowledgable

it: sparkling


J (not used)



kaimessa: bedridden, very sick

kalassa: clear

kalima: bright

kanuva: of lead, leaden

kauka: bent, bowed

kaura: timid, shy

kemina: earthen, of earth

koira: living

korima: round, circular

korna: round, globed

kotya: hostile

kuiva: wakening



laik: acute, sharp, keen (as in mind or senses)

laiqua: fresh, green

laira: shady

laita: young (like a child)

laiwa: ill, sick

lmina: echoing

landa: wide

lra: flat

larka: fast, rapid, swift

lasta: listening

lta: open

latin: open, cleared (as of land)

latkenda: of tin

lauka: warm

lehta: free, released

lenka: slow

lenwa: narrow

linda: sweet to hear, fair to the ears

lindela: melodious, musical

lindra: of many kinds, of many sorts

linta: quick, nimble, light

liqua: transparent


lirima: lovely

lirulin: lark

liss: sweet to taste or smell

lorda: drowsy, sleepy

lorna: asleep

lmequentala: historical

lumna: burdensome, heavy on heart or mind

lunga: heavy

lra: overcast, cloudy

lusta: empty, void



maika: piercing, sharp (as a point)

maila: lustful

mait: handy, skilled with hands

mka: each, every

malwa: fallow, unfertile

mn: morally good, right

manna: blessed

mra: good, useful

marda: of the world

marta: fated

maxa: soft, pliant

melda: beloved

melima: lovable

melin: dear

melya: very dear, precious

merya: festive

metima: final

milka: greedy

minda: conspicuous, obvious, noticeable

mitya: interior, inside

moina: familiar

morna: dark, sombre, gloomy

muina: secret



naikela: painful

naraka: harsh / rending / violent

nauta: bound, tied up / obliged, held (as by a promise)

nka: dim, faint, hard to see, obscured

nenda: watery, very wet

nessa: young, not-adult

nessima: youthful

nauka: small, stunted

neuna: second, lesser than

nierm: in tears, weeping

nilda: friendly

nilya: kind

niqua: very cold

nt: moist, damp

nla: wise, learned

nna: born (as in "born leader")

norna: tough

ntim: countable

ntina: counted

nukumna: humbled

nulda: secret

nulla: dusky

nmenya: western

nuquerna: inverted, turned around, made opposite

nra: deep

nurrua: complaining, grumbling

nurtal: hiding

nwalka: cruel, tormenting



oira: everlasting, eternal

olora: dreamy, dream-like

orna: hasty

oro: high up

oronta: steep



pahta: closed

palis: lawn, sward, green expanse

palla: expansive, very wide, vast

panta: opened, spread out

parka: dry

pasta: smooth

penda: sloping

penya: lacking, inadequate

per-: half-

perina: halved

pk: fading

pna: small

pinqu: thin

pitya: petty, not important

poika: clean, pure

polda: strong, physically powerful

pura: bleared, smeared, discolored



quain: wailing

quant: full

qu: any

queli: waning

quorin: drowned, choaked, suffocated



raika: wrong

rakina: stripped (of something) / broken

rana: straying, wandering

ranen: errant, strayed

rva: roaring

rempa: hooked

rilya: brilliant

rimba: frequent

rimb: numerous, many

rimpa: flying, rushing, hurrying

rna: crowned

rinda: circular

ringa: cold, chilly

rmenya: eastern

rkina: disordered, messy

rust: crumbling



saiwa: hot

sanda: abiding, lasting, true

sank: hateful

sanya: law-abiding / normal

sra: bitter

sarda: hard

sarkuva: bodily, physically

sarna: of stone

saura: evil-smelling, foul, putrid

senda: resting, at peace

ser: fond

simpis: piping

sinta: short

srima: flowing

soika: thirsty

sra: trailing (after, behind)

slim: windy



taina: extended, lengthened

talta: sliding, slipping

tambina: of copper

tanka: firm, fixed, secure

tapta: impeded

tra: high, lofty

tarukka: horned

tarya: stiff

taura: mighty, powerful

taurina: of the wood, of the forest

telda: roofed, having a roof

telepsa: of silver

tella (tell): hindmost, endmost, last

tra: straight

teren, teren: slender

tereva: fine, rich

terkenya: insightful

tihtala: blinking

tinda: glinting

titta: tiny

tiuka: thick, fat

toa: of wool, woolen

torwa: brotherly

tulka: firm, immovable

tulunka-: steady

tumna: profound, deep in meaning

tunga: taut, tight

tura: victorious

turva: of wood, wooden

tyelka: agile



la: pouring

ma: evil

ntim: uncountable, numberless

unqua: hollow

nquetima: unspeakable, unwordable

nyrima: impossible to recount (because of lack of knowledge)

ra: big, large

rin: very hot

urquin: orc-ish, orc-like, of orcs

ruva: fiery

urwa: on fire

va: abundant, in great quantity



vahaiya: far away

vaina: clad, dressed

valaina: divine, of the Valar

valda: happy

valka: vague

vanima: fair, good to look upon

vanwa: lost, gone, vanished, disappeared

vanya: beautiful

vra: dirty, soiled, stained

varda: exalted

varna: safe, protected, secure

va: adult, of age

velik: great, mighty, powerful

vra: personal, private

verka: wild

verya: bold

vilin: airy, breezy

vinya: new

vorima: continual

voronw: enduring, faithful, steadfast



wa: vigorous

wilwa: fluttering





yaima: wailing

yanwa: joined, bonded, bound together

yra: old, ancient

yelwa: loathsome, detestable

yerna: worn, decrepit

yessa: primary, "first", of greatest importance

yesta: first (in order)

-yetill: -eyed, having eyes of

yyo: both


Z (not used in pure Quenya)