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Eldarin Language Resources

Proper Names

Ainu: holy one, angel, spiritual being belonging to Eru

Aman (Eldamar): the "Blessed Realm", "Undying Lands", "Elvenhome"; the area which includes Tol Eressëa, Valinor, and the surrounding seas

Ambar: the World, the Earth

Aulë: "the Smith", masculine Vala set to watch over the Khazad

Avari p.: the elves who were born in Ennor and were unwilling to leave

Elentári: "the Star-Queen", feminine Vala set to watch over the Eldar (in Sindarin, Elbereth)

Eldalië: "star-people", the race of the Elves

Ennórë: Middle-Earth

Entarda: the Outer Lands (the East, Sunlands, anywhere other than Valinor and Ennor)

Eressëa: an island off the coast of Valinor from which ships sail to Ennor and other places

Eru Ilúvatar: "the One, Father of All"; God the Creator

Formen: the North

Hildië p.: "heirs", the race of Men, who call themselves Humans

Hyarmen: the South

Kasallië p.: the race of Dwarves, who call themselves Khazad

Lestanórë: the Avarin forest kingdom in Beleriand that called itself Doriath

Maia: lesser angelic being

Melkor: one of the highest of the Valar who challenged Eru and was cast down, but who for a time still struggled for power of Aman; Lord of all Darkness, "Satan"

Minnónar p.: the Firstborn, the Eldar of the first generation

Naucor p.: "stunted ones", an uncomplimentary name of Elves for Dwarves

Noldor p.: one of the groups of Eldar of Aman; inventive craftsman and skilled in power

Númen: the West

Númenórë: a great island kingdom of Men, friends to the Eldar for a time, later sunken by Eru and the Valar for turning to worship of Melkor; "Atlantis"

Quenya: the language of the Eldar of Aman

Rómen: the East

Sahóra: the "southern desert", the desert of Hyarmen/Harad

Teleri p.: one of the groups of Eldar of Aman; shipbuilders, fishermen, explorers

Tengwar: the calligraphic alphabet designed for Quenya, but also used for Sindarin

Vala: archangel-like being, set by Eru to perform a particular task; often called out to for help or intercession as Catholics would to saints

Vanyar p.: one of the groups of Eldar of Aman; skilled artists and musicians, also hunters and farmers