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Eldarin Language Resources


    In Quenya, pronouns typically appear as word endings - not only with verbs but even with nouns and imperative verbs.  But sometimes they do show up as independent words.


ni, -ny, -n: I

iny: I (emphatic)

nye: me

-nya: my, mine

ninya: my, mine (emphatic)

nin: to/for me

ni: with me


lye, -ly, -l: you (polite subject)

ely: you (emphatic polite subject)

ti, -t: you (familiar subject)

ety: you (emphatic familiar subject)

le, -ll: you (polite object)

ell: you (emphatic polite object)

tye, -ty: you (familiar object)

ety: you (emphatic familiar subject)

ety: you (emphatic familiar object)

-lya: your, yours (polite)

-tya: your, yours (familiar)

lenya: your, yours (emphatic)

len: to/for you

le: with you


me, -lm: we, us (exclusive, when talking to one not part of the "we")

elm: we, us (emphatic exclusive)

we, -lw: we, us (inclusive, when talking to one who is part of the "we")

elw: we, us (emphatic inclusive)

-mma: our, ours

-lma: our, ours (exclusive, when talking to one not part of the "we")

-lwa: our, ours (inclusive, when talking to one who is part of the "we")

menya: our, ours (emphatic)

men: to/for us (exclusive)

wen: to/for us (inclusive)


ro, -ro: he

ry: he (emphatic)

-ry: him

ery: him (emphatic)

-rya: his

erya: his (emphatic)

ren: to/for him


r, -r: she

ry: she (emphatic)

-ry: her

ery: her (emphatic)

-rya: her (possessive), hers

erya: her (possessive), hers (emphatic)

ren: to/for her


sa, -s: it (subject)

s: it (emphatic subject)

-s: it (object)

es: it (emphatic object)

-sa: its

esa: its (emphatic)

san: to/for it


te, -nt: they

ent: they (emphatic)

-t: them

enta: them (emphatic)

-nta: their, theirs

tenya: their, theirs (emphatic)

ten: to/for them



aiquen: whoever, anyone who

alanat: nothing

alquen: no-one

ilqua: everything

ilquen: everyone

nat: thing (as an object)

qu: anything

quen: one (as a person)

qun: someone, anyone

yar: to whom