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ahya-: change

airita-: hallow, make holy

aista-: dread

allu-: wash

ama-: bless

anta-: give

atalta-: collapse, fall in

atita-: hallow, make holy

aukir-: cut off (literally)

auta-: invent

ava-: refuse









a-: exist, be (so)

l-: go around

enquat-: refill

entul-: return, come back, come again

envinyata-: renew / heal

enyal-: recall, remember

erka-: prick, poke

ettul-: come forth



faina-: glow, radiate

fainu-: be free

falasta-: foam

farya-: suffice, be enough

fasta-: tangle

feuya-: abhor, feel disgust

fifra-: fade away

fr-: sigh, breathe out

fra-: die of natural causes

foa-: hoard

fura-: lie, tell an untruth





hka-: squat, crouch

halta-: leap

halya-: veil, hide, conceal

hanta-: thank

hanya-: understand

hra-: sit

harna-: wound, injure

harya-: possess, own, have (not used of people; for "have a child" an Elda would say he had "been given a child" or have "a child of my family"; for others he would say he had them "in his house")

hasta-: mar

hat-: sunder

hauta-: pause, take a rest

hehta-: forsake, abandon

heka-: move aside, move out of the way

helta-: strip

hequa-: exclude, leave aside, leave out, not count

heru-: have power, have authority

hesta-: wither

hilk-: freeze

hilya-: follow

himya-: adhere to, stick to

hir-: find

hlar-: hear

hlapu-: stream, fly, blow (in the wind)

hkir-: cut around, cut off (as in movement)

holma-: smell, scent

hosta-: assemble, gather together

horta-: speed on, send flying

htul-: come away

hwesta-: puff, blow softly

hwinya-: swirl, spin

hyar-: cleave



ilka-: gleam

intya-: guess, suppose

r-: desire, want strongly

ista-: know

ita-: sparkle


J (not used)



kaita-: lie, lay

kala-: shine (light)

kalpa-: draw water

kalya-: light up, illuminate

kana-: command, be in charge

kanta-: shape, form

kap-: jump

kar-: make, build, do

kaw-: bow

kelu-: stream out swiftly

ken-: see

kenda-: read

kenta-: enquire, question

kilma-: choose

kir-: cut

kra-: sail (as on a ship)

koiva-: wake, awaken

kol-: carry, bear

kosta-: quarrel

kuna-: bend

kyab-: taste

kyer-: pray



laita-: praise

lal-: deny

lala-: laugh

lamya-: make a sound

lanta-: fall

lanya-: weave

lapsa-: lick

lar-: listen

lava-: allow, grant

lehta: slacken, loosen

lelya-: proceed, go (to a place), travel

lenu-: stretch

lerta-: be allowed

lerya-: free, set free, release

lesta-: leave, go away

lia-: twine, twine together

lilta-: dance

linda-: sing

linga-: hang, dangle

lipt-: drip

lir-: chant

lohta-: flower, bloom, put forth leaves or flowers

lor-: sleep, slumber

lussa-: whisper

luhta-: enchant

luka-: swallow

lunga-: sag

lutu-: float (on water)



mahta-: fight

maka-: slay, kill

manka-: trade

mapa-: grasp, take, seize

mar-: dwell, live, abide

mart-: happen

martya-: destine

masta-: bake, cook, make food

mat-: eat

mata-: feed

maur-: need

mauya-: compel, encourage, push

mela-: love

menta-: send

mer-: wish, want

metya-: end, put an end to

milya-: long for

mirilya-: glitter, like a jewel

moru-: hide

mta-: labor, toil



nak-: bite

nam-: judge

nanda-: play a harp

narka-: rend, rip

nasta-: stick, pierce with something sharp

niku-: be cold, be very cold

nir-: press, thrust, force

noa-: think

nor-: run

nornoru-: run smoothly, work well, go well, happen without trouble

nosta-: give birth

nta-: count

nuhta-: stunt, keep from growing

nurta-: hide

nurru-: complain, grumble

nru-: growl

nta-: sink, stoop

nwalya-: torment

nyar-: tell, relate

nyna-: lament, mourn, weep



la-: dream

onta-: beget, create

onot-: count up, reckon together

ora-: urge, impel

oro-: rise

orta-: raise, lift up

osteka-: describe



palpa-: beat, batter, flap (as in wings)

palu-: expand

panda-: include

panta-: open up, spread out

panya-: establish, set in place

papa-: tremble

pel-: revolve, turn, spin around

pelehta-: chop, hew

perya-: to halve

pka-: lessen, dwindle

piuta-: spit

pol-: be able, be capable

pusta-: stop, make stop, put a stop to



quaina-: wail

qualma-: die of un-natural causes, be slain, die painfully

quanta-: fill

quela-: fail

quet-: speak, say

quoru-: choke, suffocate, drown



raiya-: smile

rak-: break

rakta-: reach, stretch out

rama-: shout, cry out

ranya-: stray, wander

rer-: sow

rihta-: jerk (sudden sharp move)

rik-: twist

rna-: crown, wreathe

rista-: cut cleanly, slice

roita-: pursue, chase after

ruhta-: terrify, greatly frighten

ruk-: fear, feel fear

ruxa-: crumble

rma-: shift, move, heave



salpa-: sip

sr-: save, rescue

ser-: rest

sena-: forgive (to a person)

serta-: tie

sil-: shine (brightly)

simpeta-: play a pipe or flute

sinquita-: adorn with jewels

sinta-: fade, darken

sir-: flow (as liquid)

suk-: drink

suya-: breathe



tak-: fasten

taita-: prolong, draw out, extend

talta-: slip, slide

tam-: tap

tamba-: knock

tana-: show, indicate

tanga-: twang, make a twanging sound

tap-: stop up, block

tara-: cross, go across

tatya-: double, make double / repeat

tek-: write

telta-: screen off, screen away, screen in

telya-: finish, complete

ten-: hear of, hear tell of

terhat-: break apart, shatter

termara-: endure, last

tev-: hate

tiel-: meet, come together

tihta-: blink, peer

tin-: glint

tinga-: pluck, twang

tinta-: spark, kindle

tintina-: twinkle

tir-: watch, guard

tiuya-: swell, grow fat (also used for pregnancy etc)

tpa-: roof over

tuia-: spring up, sprout

tuk-: draw, pull

tul-: come

tulka-: fix, make firm

tukalia-: entwine, entangle

tulta-: summon, send for

tulya-: lead

tup-: cover

tur-: govern, control, wield

turu-: kindle

tuvu-: receive

tyal-: play (as in game, not music)

tyar-: cause

tyava-: taste

tyel-: stop, cease, end



ulya-: pour

unka-: hollow, make hollow

untup-: cover over, cover down

urya-: blaze, burn

usin-: escape

uska-: stink, reek, smell badly

usta-: burn, harm by burning, cause to burn



vahta-: soil, stain, make dirty

vaita-: wrap

valina-: be happy, rejoice

valuva-: rule

vanta-: walk

vanwa-: disappear, vanish

vquet-: forbid, disallow

varya-: protect, defend

vla-: look at, gaze upon

vr-: promise, swear, pledge

verya-: dare

vesta-: wed

vil-: fly

vinka-: heal







yaima-: wail

yanga-: yawn

yanwa-: join, connect, bind together

yarra-: snarl

yav-: bear fruit

yelta-: loathe, detest

yerya-: grow old

yessa-: begin, start


Z (not used in pure Quenya)