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Concerning Adjectives

Many adjectives end in -ui, -eb, or -en, which can help a reader recognize them. But there are also many that do not. The ones ending in -a or -e are usually rather closely derived from Quenya.

Sometimes the noun form of the word is the same as the adjective. Such a similarity is not a mistype.


-ner: -er, more

-nir: -est, most

-ver: less

-vir: least



ab-s: future

abel: complete, whole, entire, in full, altogether

abonnen: born after, born later

achaen: frightened

adlant: sloping, slanting, tilted

aeg: peaked, having a peak or peaks

aeger: fell, dark, evil

aer: holy

aewen: of birds

agarwaen: bloodstained

aglareb: glorious

agor: narrow

alag: rushing, hasty, impetuous

alcareb: inactive, still, unmoving

alfirin: immortal

alorui: uncommon, unusual, different, strange

alsuin: different, unalike, not-same

amad: foolish

aman: blessed

and: too (as in too bright, etc)

andol: -headed (as in describing a head)

ann: long

angren: of iron

annui: western

anu: male

anwa: true, not false, real

anwui: wonderful, wondrous

ara-: high, royal

archinu: tired, lacking in energy

arn: royal

arod: noble

arnediad: countless, innumerable

aronoded: endless

arth: lofty, exalted

asgar: violent, rushing (as in a river)

ath: beneficial, helpful

ausin: rich, wealthy, prosperous

avar: unwilling

avorn: staying, holding fast



bain: fair, beautiful

badh: judged

balch: cruel

ban: safe

bara: fiery-spirited, eager

barad: doomed

baradh: steep

baug: tyrannous, oppressive

beleg: great, mighty

bell: strong in body, healthy, well

ber: protective, defensive

beren: bold, daring

beriad: protected, defended

born: red-hot

boron: steadfast, strong of heart

brand: lordly, noble, high, fine

brassen: white-hot

brg: wild, uncontrollable

bregol: violent, fierce

breith: sudden

breithed: broken, shattered

bril: glittering, glistening

bronadui: enduring, lasting

brui: loud, noisy

brn: old, long-enduring, long-established / traditional



cadu: shaped, formed, crafted

cadwor: shapely, well-formed

caeleb: bedridden

cand: bold (as in a line, a drawing, a letter)

cnui: commanding

caphel: surprised, startled

caur: timid, shy

celair: brilliant, bright

celebren: like silver, in hue or worth

celeg: agile

celevon: of silver

cell: running (as in water)

cereb: enjoyable, likable

ceven: earthen

cofn: empty, void

colen: carrying, bearing

conui: ruling

corn: round, globed, spherical

coru: cunning, wily, crafty

coth: hostile, unfriendly

crann: ruddy-faced

criss: cleft, chopped (as with a kitchen knife)

crom: left

crumui: left-handed

cuin: alive

cuinu: lively, energetic

cn: bowed, bent, arched



daer: great, large

damminen: forged

dangen: slain

dannen: fallen

deleb: disgusting, loathsome, abominable

delu: dangerous, deadly

dem: sad

dnen: silent

dofn: gloomy

dolen: concealed, hidden

doll: dusky

donn: muscular, well-muscled

dorn: tough

drafn: hewn

drauth: toilworn, weary

dr: dark, sombre

dvadin: proud (in a good way), having a sense of self-worth



echui: awakening

eden: renewed, restored, begun again

edhellen: of elves (generally, casually)

edlenn: exiled

edlothien: blossoming, flowering

edreg: special

edwen: secondary, lesser

eglan: forsaken

Eldarin: of the race of the Elves, elven

ento: next

ephen: encircling

erchamui: one-handed

ereb: isolated, lonely

erien: rising, ascending, climbing

erui: single, lone, only

espalass: foaming (as in whitewater, waterfall)

estent: very short

ethelen: foreign, of other lands



faeg: poor, bad (as in condition)

fael: fair-minded, just, generous

faen: radiant, glowing

faicar: contemptible

falathren: of the shore

fanui: cloudy

far: quite

farn: sufficient, enough

faug: thirsty

feinil: selfish

fel: -natured, having a nature or personality of

fern: dead

fim: slim, slender

findel: -haired (as in describing hair)

freb: mortal

fith: spirited, spunky

forgam: right-handed

form: dextrous, nimble-fingered

forn: right

fuir: northern



gael: glimmering

gaer: dreadful

galadhremmen: tree-woven, tree-tangled

gellui: triumphant, jubilant

gem: sickly, unwell

gern: worn out, decrepit

girith: chilling

glamren: echoing

glavrol: babbling

gling: hanging, dangling

glithui: singing

gobennathren: historical

goeol: terrifying

goll: learned

gondren: of stone

gonui: stony

gorn: valiant

gortheb: horrible

gun: weary of soul

gwaen: stained, soiled, dirty

gwaeren: windy

gwain: new (dealing with people, events)

gwann: departed

gwathren: dim

gwathui: shadowed, shadowy

gwelin: airy

gweneth: never bonded, never married or awoken physically or mentally (a bit improperly translated as "virgin", since that word does not fully cover the meaning)

gwer: overcome, defeated

gruin: ruddy



haeron: far, remote, distant

hall: obscure, obscured, hazy

hammen: clothed, clad

hand: intelligent

hanteb: thankful

haradren: southern

harn: injured, wounded

haren: near, close

heben: kept

helegnen: icy

hell: naked, unclothed, stripped

heneb: -eyed (as in describing eyes)

hethu: vague, unclear

him: cool

hithui: misty, foggy

hw: sticky, adhering / viscous, thick

horn: driven, urged on, impelled / sent flying

horthed: urgent

hureb: instinctive, implusive

hwn: faint-headed, dizzy

hwind: twirling, whirling

hwiniol: giddy, silly



iarwain: eldest, oldest

iaur: ancient

iavas: fruitful

idhren: pondering, thoughtful

ilaurui: daily

ilia: every (many, all in a group)

ingem: old, suffering from old age

inu: female

iphant: long-lived, aged without weakness

istui: knowledgeable

ivren: of crystal, crystalline


J (not used)


K (not used)



lachen: blazing, flaming, roaring (as in a fire)

laden: open, cleared

ladin: smooth

ladwir: fair, equitable, even, unbiased

laeb: fresh

laec: keen, honed, sharp, acute

laecheneb: sharp-eyed, keen-eyed

laeg: green, fresh, alive (referring to plants)

lagor: rapid, swift, fast (sense of movement)

land: level

lassien: merry, playful, mischievous

laug: warm

lemmas: left behind

len: slow

lenim: excessive, too much

lhaew: sick, ill

lhain: lean, thin, meagre

lhein: free

lhend: tuneful, sweet or fair to the ear

lhind: fine, narrow, slight

lhon: serious

lhossel: whispering

li: some, several

lim: clear, "sparkling", transparent

limb: much, many      

limp: wet, moist, damp

lint: quick, fleet, light, nimble

lirim: lovely

lithui: ashen, ashy, of ash

loda: sleepy, drowsy

loen: soaked, swamped

long: heavy

lossen: snowy

lost: empty

losten: sleeping, asleep

luithen: quenched, sated

lumen: brooding

lumnen: heavy on heart or mind

lumren: shady

lthien: enchanted, becharmed



mach: each, every

madal: interesting, of interest

maed: skilled, handy

maeg: sharp, piercing, penetrating

maelui: lustful

maen: clever

maer: good, useful

magas: pliant, flexible

maheb: authoritative

main: first in importance, primary

mallen: of gold

manadhen: fortunate, lucky

manir: of good character

mr: fit, fitting

marth: fey, fated

mauna: compelling, encouraging

maur: gloomy, dreary

medli: "honey-mouthed", silver-tongued, sweet-talking

medui: last (in order)

megor: sharp-pointed

melch: greedy

mell: dear

melu: fallow, unfertile

melui: sweet to smell or taste

meneth: dire, desperate (as in circumstances)

meren: festive, joyous

merna: likely

mesc, mesg: wet, drenched, soaked

milui: loving, kind, friendly

minai: singular, distinct, unique

mind: conspicuous, obvious, noticable

minui: first (in order)

mir: jeweled

mriel: sparkling like a jewel

moched: hateful

moe: soft

moen: familiar

morn: black, dark

muil: barren (as in land)

muin: most dear, precious, beloved



naer: lamentable

naeg: pained, in pain

narac: rough, harsh

nat: other

naud: bound (physically)

naug: stunted, small in size, "dwarf"

nauglafel: "dwarf-natured", avaricious

negel: bigoted, disliking those of a group not ones own

neithel: miserable

neithen: wronged, offended / deprived, robbed

nend: watery

nestadren: healing

neth: young

niben: petty, unimportant

ncae: apologetic

nind: delicate

nniel: tearful

nof: hollow

norn: twisted, knotted, contorted

nrui: fiery / sunny

nucur: humble

numen: trapped, ensnared, caught

nur: deep

nu-s: past



onnen: born (as in "born leader")

orchal: superior in position, eminent

rui: common, normal, average, usual

ovor: abundant



pach: none

pan: all

pann: wide, broad

parch: dry

path: graceful / smooth

pathrad: full

pelen: fading, withering

perin, per-: half-, halved, divided in the middle

pichen: juicy

pigen: tiny

prestannen: lenited (of consonants) / troubled, affected, changed

pui: clean, washed, bathed

puig: tidy, neat

pulil: possible



qualen: indifferent, uncaring, neutral

qu: any

quorin: choked, drowned, suffocated

quorir: choking, drowning



raeg: crooked, bent / wrong

ragandol: "wrong-headed", crazy, insane, of twisted mind

raen: nettled, enlaced

raudh: cavernous, spacious

raun: errant, wandering

remb: moving, shifting

remmen: tangled, woven, netted, twined

rend: circular

resten: proud, arrogant

rhem: frequent, often

rhn: crowned, wreathed

rhovan: wild, untamed

rhnen: eastern

ring: cold, chill

ringal: shaking, trembling

rcin: disordered, disorderly, messy, untidy

ruch: crumbling

rdh: bald, hairless

ruim: secret

rustui: of copper

ruthen: angry, furious



saden: faithful, loyal

saeb: bitter

sael: wise

saeru: pleasant

saew: poisoned

sai: very, so, much (as in "so many", "so much")

said: apart, separate, excluded, private

saig: hungry

sain: new (dealing with age of things)

sancui: cracked, split

sani: law-abiding

sania: regular, even, evenly spaced

sar: hard

saur: foul, putrid

sedh: at rest, at peace

seim: gentle

sel: calm

silivren: shining

sim: instant, immediate

sirith: flowing

sollen: closed, shut

sn: pure

sor: trailing (after, behind)

suin: alike, same, identical



taechin: careful

taer: straight

tafnen: closed, blocked

talt: slipping, insecure

talu: flat

tanc: firm, secure (as in a belief) / certain, sure

tara: difficult

tarlanc: stiff-necked, obstinate, stubborn

tathren: of willow(s)

taug: vast, overwhelming, huge

taus: thatched

taw: woollen

tawaren: of wood, wooden

temmen: locked, sealed

ter: rare

tevenia: complicated, complex

thal: stalwart, steady, firm, secure (as in objects)

thanc: cleft, split apart, separated, forked

tharn: stiff, rigid

thaur: abominable, abhorrant

thaw: corrupt, rotten

thenin: abiding, firm, constant, always true

thent: short

thind: faded, pale

thr: swooping, diving

thoren: fenced

thurin: secreted, hidden-away

thurinel: secretive

tiven: resenting

tinui: sparkling

tr: correct, right

tirnen: watched over, guarded

tithen: small, little

tw: fine, splendid, rich

tofn: low, shallow

tolog: stalwart, trusty, trustworthy

tond: tall

tong: tight, taut

trannail: of a (the) shire

tg: thick, fat

tulg: immoveable

tumb: profound

tunga: resonant

tr: physically strong, powerful

turen: mastered, well-learnt

tyel: final



uanui: monstrous, hideous

uiel: enveloping, surrounding

uio: both

uireb: eternal

-luithiad: unquenchable

um: bad, badly done

unthel: dazed (also "glazed" when referring to eyes)

urui: hot

uvan: in danger, not-safe



vadin: valuable, worth much

vae: adult, of age

vain: few

valc: visible, capable of being seen

vania: beautiful, exceedingly beautiful

vanir: lost, misplaced

velir: merry, happy, gay, light-hearted

vornel: continuous




X (not used)



yaiw: mocking

yir: heeding

yuren: worn


Z (not used)