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   Men (Aphadrim)

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   Hobbits (Periannath)

Eldarin Language Resources

Other Language Resources

Proper Names

Ainu: holy one, angel, spiritual being belonging to Eru

Aivrien: Ireland, the island that became Ireland

Aman (Eldamar): the "Blessed Realm", "Undying Lands", "Elvenhome"; the area which includes Tol Eressa, Valinor, and the surrounding seas

Amrn: the East

Annn: the West

Annnaid: Westron, the common-tongue, the language of Hobbits and Men

Aphadrim p.: "those who follow", the race of Men, who call themselves Humans

Arda: the World, the Earth

Aul: "the Smith", masculine Vala set to watch over the Khazad

Calbin p.: all Eldar but the Avari/Evair, the elves who were born in Valinor

Crbann: the Havens

Denwaith p.: "people of Denwe", also known as the Nandor, a tribe of Silvan elves

Dornhoth p.: "tough folk", another word for the race of Dwarves

Drath p.: the wild-people, dr-folk (as a group)

Elbereth: "the Star-Queen", feminine Vala set to watch over the Eldar

Eldar p.: "star-people", the race of Elves

Ennor: Middle-Earth

Eru Ilvatar n: "the One, Father of All"; God the Creator

Erusin p.: "children of God"; Elves, Men, Dwarves, Hobbits

Evair p.: the Avari, the elves who were born in Ennor and were unwilling to leave

Falathrim p.: "shore-folk", the elves of the Havens

Forod: the North

Galadhrim p.: "tree-folk", the elves of Lothlorien

Gdhellim p.: the "deep-elves", also known as the Noldor

Gwathuirim p.: "shadowy folk", the people of Dunland

Hadhodrim p.: the race of Dwarves, who call themselves Khazad

Harad: the South

Haradrim p.: the people of the South

Iathrim p.: the Silvan elves of Doriath

Lachenn p.: "flame-eyed", another name for the Noldorin elves

Laegrim p.: the "green elves", a tribe of Silvan

Lossoth p.: the "snowmen", men of the far north

Maia: lesser angelic being

Mnil p.: the Vanyar

Minnnar p.: the Firstborn, the Eldar of the first generation (sg. minnn)

Morbin p.: "dark ones", the people of Beleriand (the Easterlings)

Morgoth: one of the highest of the Valar who challenged Eru and was cast down; Lord of all Darkness, "Satan"

Naugrim p.: "stunted people", an uncomplimentary name of Elves for Dwarves

Nmenorean: an ancient language/race of Men

Onodrim p.: the race of Ents

Periannath p.: the race of Halflings, who call themselves Hobbits

Quenya: the formal language of the Eldar of Ennor of the Third Age, common-tongue to those from Aman

Rochirrim p.: "horse-lords", the men of Rohan

Rui: the Hunting (see Fifth-Age history)

Ruinyn p: the Hunters (see Fifth-Age history)

Sindarin: the common language of the Eldar of the Third Age

Taurwaith p.: "forest-folk", elves of the wood, the Silvan elves of Greenwood/Mirkwood

Telerrim p.: the Teleri

Ulair: Ringwraith, Nazgl

Vala: archangel-like being, set by Eru to perform a particular task; often called out to for help or intercession as Catholics would to saints