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Eldarin Language Resources

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abonnen: one born after, born later

acharn: vengeance

achas: dread, fear

ada: an informal version of  "father", does not translate directly but is the equivalent of "dad", "daddy", "papa"

adab: house

adan: man, adult male of human race

adanadar: father of men, one of the first humans

adaneth: woman, adult female of human race

adar: father

aderthad: reunion

aduial: dusk, "evendim"

aear: sea

aearon: great sea, ocean

aegas: mountain peak

aeglir: range of mountain peaks

aeglos: icicle / "snowthorn", thorny plant with white flowers

ael: pond

aelin: lake

aerlinn: holy song

aes: cooked meat

aew: bird

agar: blood

aglar: glory, brilliance

aglonn: defile, pass between high walls

aith: point of a spear or sword or knife

alagos: storm, heavy wind

alath: marble (the substance)

alcaren: inaction, stillness

alfirin: a golden, bell-like flower / immortal being

alm: back (physical)

alph: swan

amar: world, overall realm (also used more figuratively or non-literally, not just "the World" which is also called Arda)

amarth: fate, destiny, final end

ambal: flagstone

amcar: morning glory (flower)

amdir: hope based on reason, on thought

amloth: crest on the point of a helmet

amlug: dragon

amon: hill, small mount

amn: hillside

anc: jaw (row of teeth)

andaith: "long-mark", sign over a vowel to indicate that its long

andrann: an age

ang: iron

Angerthas: extended version of the Angwar cirth, used by every other race but the Eldar

angol: deep lore, deep magic

Angwar: the runic alphabet designed by the Avari, later mostly out of use

angwedh: chain, "iron-bond"

anr: desire, longing

ann-thennath: poetry style consisting of alternating verses (long-short, masculine-feminine, etc)

annabon: elephant

annanio: the past, a long time ago

annan: the future

annon: door, gate

Anor: the Sun (feminine-person)

ant: gift

anu: male animal

anvar: uprising, rebellion

anwan: truth

anwar: awe, wonder

anwaran: wonder, thing to be wondered at

apaw: worry, concern

aphadon: follower, one who comes after

arad: day, daylight, daytime (vs night)

aradh: champion

aran: king

arandur: steward of a land (under the king)

aras: deer

archam: throne, royal seat

arcinan: tiredness

ardh: realm, defined region

ardhon: great region, province, territory

arie: mid-morning

arnad: kingdom

arphen: nobleman

arwen: noblewoman

asan: commandment of the One, Law of living that is not to be broken

asar: planned time, fixed time, proper time, "season"

asphodel: yellow and white woodland flower, "mayweed", chamomile

ast: dust

asta: month

athelas: "beneficial leaf", "kingsfoil"

athrabeth: debate, conversation

athrad: river-ford

athranauth: mental communication

aul: invention

aur: morning

aruil: vine

asc: bone

aus: wealth, riches

aussaith: avarice, love of wealth

auth: apparition, ghost

avad: refusal, reluctance

awarth: abandonment



bach: article for exchange, ware

bachor: peddler, shopkeeper

badhor (badhron): judge

bal: great power, inner power, as of the divine

balan: being of Power, spiritual being

balc: barbarian

balchoth p: barbarians

band: custody, safe-keeping

bangal: trade, commerce

bann: safe place, safety

bar: dwelling, home

barad: fortress, stronghold

baravorn: stay-at-home (a teasing name for those less adventurous)

basgorn: loaf of bread

bass: bread

baudh: judgment

bauglir: tyrant, oppressor

baul: torment, torture

baur: thing needed, necessity

bellas: bodily strength, health, wellness

benn: adult male of any speaking race

bennas: angle, corner

ber: the act of claiming of a mate, "bonding"

bereth: spouse, mate

berian: defense

berin: protector, defender

beru: mated/married pair

bess: adult female of any speaking race

bessain: "bread-giver", baker

best: state of marriage

bestal: wedding

bor: hand

br: trusty man, faithful vassal

both: puddle, small pool

brannon: lord or master of the household

brass: a white heat (used for shaping metal)

breged: violence

bregolas: ferocity

brennil: lady of the house, lady

breithad: suddenness

brethil: silver birch

brith: gravel

brw: tradition

brg: bear

bronad: survival

bronw: endurance, faith

bund: snout, nose, muzzle



cabed: a leap, a distance leapt

cabir: taste, flavor

cabor: frog / leaper

cae (coe): earth, dirt; also earth as contrasted to sky

cael: sickness, enough to make one bedridden

caew: lair, resting place, hideaway

cai: hedge

cail: fence or palisade of sharp spikes or sticks

calad: light (generally)

calar: lamp

calardan: lampwright

call: beam or ray of light

callon: hero

calph: water-vessel

cam: open hand

camlann: palm of hand

canath: silver coin used in Gondor, the fourth part of a "mirian"

caned: a call, a cry, a shout

cannas: the building or creation of something

cant: outline, shape

cantath: illustration, picture, painting / image

canu: lead (metal)

caphal: surprise, startlement

car: building

caraes: thorny, spiky hedge

caras: city

carab: hat

carach: jaw

carag: spike, tooth of rock

caranpalur: "red-chest", robin

carch: tooth, fang

cardh: deed, feat

carpholch: boar

carth: deed, something done

cast: cape of land, headland

cathrae: tressure, net for holding hair, as favored by some human women

caul: burden, affliction

caun: outcry, clamor

caved: yielding (to), submission

caw: top (of something)

ceber: stake or spike

cef: soil, good for planting

ceg: barb

ceir (cair): ship

celeb: silver (metal)

celm: channel through which something travels

celon: river

celu: spring, source of water

celvar: animal, as contrasted with plant, etc

cened: sight

cenedril: mirror, looking-glass

cenhaer: "farsight", the ability to see events happening far away

cennan: potter

cennedh: "insight", the ability to look into the mind of one not bonded

cenniven: "foresight", the ability to see a possible future

cent: inquiry, question

cerch: sickle

cered: the doing of something

ceredir: doer

cerin: circular enclosure

certh: rune of the Angwar alphabet

certhas: runic alphabet, rune-rows

ceth: side (of an object, of a person, etc)

cl: gorge with water at the bottom, canyon

cild: belt

cilen: mountain goat

cilm: choice

crdan: shipbuilder

cirin: cardinal (bird)

cirion: shipman, sailor

cirith: high climbing cleft, narrow passage cut through earth or rock

ciritur: commander or captain of a ship

claur: splendor, richness, earthly glory

cf: bay

cl: bronze (metal)

colf: pouch, bag, pack

coll: cloak, mantle

conath: lamentation

condir: mayor of a town

conin: ruler, commander, leader

conod: command, rule, leadership

corch: crow

cordaf: small red apple, "pippin" in Westron

corf: ring

coron: globe, ball

corr: wiles, craftiness, cunning

Corvcyll: Ringbearer

cost: quarrel

coth: enmity, hostility

craban: large black bird, like a raven

cram: cake of compressed meal described as "uninteresting" and "unentertaining" in taste, a waybread made by men and sometimes dwarves

crist: cleaver, kitchen-knife

crum: left hand

c: bow (as for archery)

c: arch, crescent

cuar: bowman, archer

cugu: pigeon, dove

cuil: life

cuinan: liveliness, energy

cuith: living person, living body (as opposed to dead)

culuf: orange (fruit)

culumal: orange-flowering tree

cum: mound, heap, pile (of anything but dirt)

cumb: stomach, belly

cumin: candle

cund: son of a lord

cron: crescent moon

curu: craft, skill, trade (as in occupation)

curunr: skilled craftsman

cyll: bearer (of anything; goods, news, etc)



dae: shadow (of an object, cast by light)

daen: dead body, corpse

daeth: praise, appreciation, recognition for deed(s)

df: permission

dagnir: slayer, bane

dagor: war, battle of many

dam: forge

dambeth: answer, response (to a question)

dan: craftsman, wright

dangweth: reply, words giving new information

dant: fall

danwedh: ransom

dath: hole in the ground, pit

daug: soldier (used of orcs, rougher men)

daur: a league of distance, 5000 rng (~ 5277 yd, 2 ft, 4 in; English league is 5280 yd = 3 mi) / a stop, halt

daw: gloom

del: disgust, loathing, horror

delos (deloth): abhorrance, detestation

denn: youth, young male of any speaking race

dess: maiden, young female of any speaking race

df: temple (on side of head)

dil: devotion

dl: stopper (like a cork)

dn: pass between mountains

dn: silence

dineth: bride

drnaith: "man-spearhead", a wedge_formation launched over a short distance against an enemy

doer: bridegroom

dl: head

dolt: round knob (as on a door)

dr: land, dwelling-place, region where certain people live (not same as country)

doron: oak

dram: a heavy stroke, blow

drambor: blow from a fist

draug: wolf, wild canine

draun: log

drauthos: weariness

dring: hammer

dronn: race, match of speed

dr: the humans known as wild-people (not as a whole race)

dradan: wild-man

drnos: a family of the dr-folk

drwaith: the wilderness where the dr-folk live

d: night, night-time (vs day)

dath: darkness

duin: large river

dlinn: "dusk-singer", a kind of bird

dnadan: man of the West, one of Numenorean blood

dnedhel: elf of the West

dwath: nightshade

dvadh: self-worth, pride



ech: spear

echad: camp

echil: follower of another, one who is submissive/loyal to another

echor: spearman

ephor: encircling, outer defensive ring of warriors

echuir: awakening

ecthel: fountain

ecthor: point of a thorn

edaid: tunic

edered: salvation, rescue

ederon: rescuer, saviour

edhel: elf (generally, casually)

edhelharn: elf-stone

edinor: anniversary, annual event

edledh: state of exile

edledhron: one who is exiled

edlothiad: blossoming, flowering

edonnon: begetting, conception

edrain: border of a land, region

edraith: one saved, rescued

g: thorn

egol: one who is forsaken

eil: ale (probably merely a Sindarinization of the Common word)

eiliant: rainbow, "sky-bridge"

einior: elder

eirien: daisy

eithad: insult

eithel: well (of water)

l: star (term used in ritual, verse, and names)

elanor: a star-shaped, golden and silver flower

Elda: one who is of the race of the Elves

eleidan: painter, artist

elleth: adult female of elven race

ellon: adult male of elven race

elloth: "starflower", a pale-colored spring flower

elril: bright star

elvellon: "elf-friend", a human, hobbit (or, rarely, dwarf) who is trusted by the Eldar

emel: emotion, "feeling"

emlin: a small yellow songbird

encar: hollow place

ended: return

enedh: core, center, middle

enedhr: mid-day, noon and early afternoon

eneth (ess): name

enil: memory

ennin: "long year", space of 144 years (not the term often used though; see yn)

enqui: six-day (Eldarin) week

enter: tomorrow, next day

ephel: outer, encircling fence or wall

erch: spine, backbone

erchamion: one who is one-handed

eredh: seed, germ

ereg: sprig, bough of holly

eregdos: holly-tree

erg: "prickle", small sharp projections on leaves or stem

eren: steel (metal)

ereth: solitude

eriad: rise, climb, ascension, ascent, raising

ernil: prince, son of a king

erthad: union, joining

eruann: grace (non-physical, the spirit-attribute kind; lit "God-gift")

erun: waste, desert

eryn: dark wood, woodland

estad: naming

estel: hope undying, unwavering trust, faith

estolad: encampment

ethel: foreigner, from another land

ethin: spy

ethir: mouth of river, estuary



fael: brilliance of the sun

faelas: mercy

faer: soul, spirit

faes: compassion, sympathy

faic: contempt

fair: right hand

falas: beach, shore

falch: dry ravine

falf: foam, breaker, wave (of the sea)

faloth: "seafoam", "shore-flower"; a seaside plant with many small white flowers

fn: wispy, veil-like cloud / veil

fang: beard

fanor: tribute

farad: hunting (action)

faras: hunt (event)

faron: hunter (one who is hunting)

faroth: hunting-party

fasc: splash

fass: tassel

fast: shaggy hair / animals mane

faun: plump, fluffy cloud

fedhin: ally

feir: mortal being

fel: nature, personality

fela: small cave

fen: threshold

fennas: doorway

fr: beech

feredir: hunter (one whose job it is to hunt)

fern: dead person

fileg: a small brown bird

fn: tresses, hair

fin: larch tree

finnel: braid

fion: hawk, falcon

firen: human (generally)

fith: spirit, spunk

fld: skin

fladwen: meadow

fuin: deep night, dead of night

fmel: poppy

furon: liar, deceiver, one who is false

furun: lie, untruth, falsehood, deception



gadol: cage

gador: prison, dungeon

gae: dread

gaeruil: seaweed

gail: a bright light

galad: radiance

galadh: tree

galas: plant, growth

galenas: pipe-weed, "westmans-weed"

galerion: "tree-climber", squirrel

galu: blessing, call for good fortune

galvorn: a hard black metal

gamp: hook / claw, talon

gannel: musical instrument

garaf: wolf, but not a wild wolf; a wolf-dog type

garn: property, something owned, possession

garth: fort, fortress

gas: hole, gap

gasdil: the diacritical mark used to indicate that g has been lenited to zero

gath: large cavern

gaud: device, contrivance, machine

gaul: wolf-howl

gaur: "werewolf", a large wolf-like creature which was once a wolf but has been twisted and controlled by evil

gaw: void, empty space

gawad: howl, howling

gell: joy, triumph

gellam: jubilation, celebration, party, festival

genediad: reckoning of time; calendar

gl: star (used commonly); bright spark

gildin: silver spark or star

gilgalad: starlight

girith: shuddering, shivering

gladden: iris (flower)

glaer: long narrative poem or lay, epic

glaew: salve

glam: confused noise, din, uproar, yelling and bellowing (firmly associated with orcs)

glamhoth: "din-horde", a host of orcs

glamog: "yelling one", an alternate name for orc

glamor: echo

glad: bright wood, woodland

glaeth: thong, narrow strip of leather

gln: hem, border on cloth or a garment

gland: boundary (of any place smaller than a land)

glandagol: boundary mark

glaur (glor): golden light

glaw: glow

glawar: sunlight, sunshine

glemir: attention

gl: honey

gln: gleam, reflection

glinn: glance

glr: poem, lay

glirdan: song or poem writer

gldh: soap, cleanser

gobel: village or town

gobennas: history

goe: terror, great fear

golas: leafage, collection of leaves, foliage

golf: branch of a tree

gollor: learned one, scholar

goloth: head of small flowers

golwen: teacher

gond: stone, rock (object) / stone as a natural substance

gondram: hewn stone / stone as a building material

gonothras: entanglement

gorf: impetus, incentive, stimulation, motivation

gorgor: extreme horror

gorn: valor

gorog (goroth, gorth): horror

gorthad: barrow, place of the dead

goth: strife

gowest: contract, compact, treaty

grond: club (for beating)

grod: underground dwelling

groth: delving, excavation

gruith: wrath, rage, great and terrifying anger

gd: foe, enemy

gl: magic / work of magic

guldun: dark wizard, sorcerer

guldur: dark sorcery

gunlaith: weariness of soul

gr: counsel, advice

gurth (guruth): death (state of)

guruthos: death-shadow

gwador: "sworn brother", close associate

gwaedith: touch

gwael: a type of seabird

gwae (gwai): wind

gwainol: quiver for arrows

gwaith: a people, a tribe-group of people / troop of able-bodied men, regiment

gwaloth: bouquet, collection of flowers

gwalth: loose union, alliance

gwanath (gwanu): death, act of dying

gwanod: tally, number

gwanun: twin

gwanur: kinsman, kinswoman

gwareth: betrayal

gwarth: betrayer, traitor

gwass: stain, stained place

gwastar: hummock of grass

gwath: dimness, shadow

gwathel: "sworn sister", close associate

gwaun: goose

gwedh: bond (intrapersonal)

gwedhed: bonding (intrapersonal)

gwelnur: thunder

gwelu: air (substance)

gwelwen: sky

gwend: friendship

gweneth: one who has never bonded, never married or awoken physically or mentally (a bit improperly translated as "virgin", since that word does not fully cover the meaning)

gwest: oath, promise

gweth: adulthood, the state of having come of age

gwilith: air (region)

gwinc: flash (of light, movement) / wink

gwing: spray of water

gwiwileth: butterfly



hacun: yawn

hadas: gash

hadhod: adult dwarf

hadlath: sling (for stones)

hador: thrower of spears, stones

haew: custom, habit

haered: remote distance

haid: "late-day", afternoon

haind: plow (as on a farm)

half: seashell

ham: seat, chair, bench

hm: backside, "rear", hindquarters

hammad: clothing

hamp: garment

hannad: thanks

hannas: intelligence

hant: "minute" (as in "wait a minute"), indeterminate short period of time not a literal minute

haranin: century, space of 100 years

harn: injury, wound

haron: (any) distance, also distance as in the abstract

harthad: hope (abstract, as in "I hope so")

hast: axe-stroke

hastol: axe, axe-blade

haudh: burial mound

haust: bed

hebol: container, box, etc

hebrim: boundary, limitation (of a thing, law, etc, not piece of land)

helch: bitter cold

heledh: glass (substance)

heledirn: kingfisher

heleg: ice

heleg-ross: "ice-rain", sleet

heleth: fur coat or wrap

helin: "violet", wild pansy (flower)

helf: fur

hen: eye

hn: boy-child of any speaking race (also used as general "child")

hndad: adoption

henneth: window

heran: prayer

herdir: master (of a craft or trade)

heriad: beginning, start

herth: household

hervenn: husband

hervess: wife

heru: "lord", one who has more position or influence/power than another

herun: power, influence

hl: heir

hilan: inheritance

hilar: one who bequeaths, causes another to inherit what is his

hr: lord (titled)

hril: lady (titled)

hth: mist

hithlain: "mist-thread", a substance used by the elves of Lothlrien to make strong rope

hithu: fog

hobas: harbor

horb: urging

horth: urge

hoss: army

hoth: host, horde

h: domesticated dog

hb: small landlocked bay, place for a harbor

hd: assembly, collection, gathering

hn: physical heart

huor: courage, bravery

hr: readiness for action, vigor, fiery spirit

hur: instinct, impulse

hwand: fungus

hwest: puff of air, breath of wind, breeze

hwin: eddy, swirl in current / spin, twirl

hwiniad: act of twirling, spinning



i: gulf, abyss, void

iach: crossing

iaeth: neck

iaf: fruit

iand: strand (of hair, thread, etc)

iant: bridge

ianu: yoke, harness for an animal

ir: blood, kin (familial relationship)

ith: fence

iaun: holy place, sanctuary

iaw: corn

dh: rest, repose of soul

idhor: thoughtfulness

idhrinn: year, cycle of the sun, twelve months

iell: daughter

iest: wish

ifen: sigh

iluv: "the all", everything, all that was ever created and ever will be; the universe

imlad: narrow valley with steep sides

imloth: flower-valley, meadow

imrath: long narrow valley with a road or watercourse running lengthwise

inc: guess, supposition, idea, notion

ind: inner thought, meaning, heart / mood

ing: trajectory, path of a projectile

inhen: grandchild

nias: annal

innas: will, intent

inu: female animal

ion: son

ist: lore, knowledge

Ithil: the Moon (masculine-person)

ithildin: a silvery substance which shines visible only under moonlight and starlight

ithilin: moonlight

ithron: wizard

iuith: the use of a thing

ivor: crystal


J (not used)


K (not used)



laboth: rabbit, hare

lach: leaping flame, blaze

lad: wide valley

ladhwen: heath, moor

ladog: tin (metal)

ladwinios: equity, fairness, evenness

laer: song

laes: babe, baby

laeth: leather (substance)

laethir: strap, strip of leather

laif: ointment

lain: thread

lalaith: laughter

lalf: elm

lam: tongue / voice

lamath: voices

lambion: language, speech, "tongue"

lammas: something that is said

lanc: throat

lang: cutlass

lann: cloth, fabric

lanthir: waterfall

lanu: loom for weaving cloth

lar: a distance of 1000 paces (~ .6 mi)

lass: leaf

lass: merriment, playfulness, mischief

lath: sound

lathron: eavesdropper

laugren: warmth

lavan: animal, four-footed beast (not applied to reptiles, birds, etc; probably equals "mammal")

lebed: finger

lebethron: a tree with black wood, favored by the woodwrights of Gondor

lehta: vowel

leithian: freedom, release, liberty

lem: elbow

lembas: elven waybread, made with honey and milk, and very filling

lend: journey

lest: a measure, a certain amount

lhant: clearing in a forest

lhaw: sense of hearing

lh: a fine thread, spider filament

lhew: ear

lhim: fish

lhing: spider-web, cobweb

lhingril: spider (of the small, normal kind)

lhw: sickness, illness

lhoss: whisper, rustling sound

lhg: snake, serpent

lian: part, piece

liant: tendril, thin vine

lib: oil

lch: wax

lilt: dance

lilteth f: dancer

liltnor: dancer

lilton m: dancer

limp: drop (as of liquid)

limlug: sea-serpent

ln: deep pool / bathing pool

lind: air, tune

lindel: music

linnod: a chant of a certain metrical type, where each line is composed of seven syllables

linnr: kind, sort, type (of something)

lr: range (of an army, weapons, etc)

lirulin: lark

lisg: reed

lissuin: a vine with large flat leaves and sweet-smelling flowers

list: sand

lith: ash

l: fenland, marsh

loch: ringlet or curl of hair / loop

loeg: shallow pool

loem: night (time-period before and around midnight)

lond: narrow strait

loss: snow

lossim: snowflake

lostad: sleep

loth: flower (generally)

l: time, event, occasion

luind: flood

luithiad: quenching, satiation

lum: shade (from sunlight)

lmacent: chronicle

lumbri: foul weather

lum: time (abstract)

lumnan: heaviness of heart or mind

lunt: boat

lunthang: scales for weighing

lth: spell, charm

lva: the bow(s)-shaped part of a Tengwar letter

lg: venomous snake, viper



mabrin: wrist

mael: lust, unhealthy strong desire for something

maenas: crafted thing, crafted work

maeth: fight, struggle, battle of a few

maethor: fighter; warrior (used of elves, noble men)

magol: sword, broadsword

magor: swordsman

mahan: authority

maileth: caretaker, nurturer, tender

ml: pollen

mall: gold (metal)

mallorn: huge tree with golden leaves, found only in Lothlrien

mallos: small, golden flower found abundantly in meadows

mm: sheep

mn: departed spirit

manadh: good fortune, "good luck"

manverna: chance, likelihood, "odds"

mass: food

massin: appetite

mastasam: kitchen

mastir: cook, one who prepares food

maun: compulsion, encouragement

maw: stain, mark (on a soul, reputation, person)

mearas: a race of free-running, sentient horses (singular mear)

mechor: gore, bloodyness

medlin: one who is "honey-mouthed" (we would say "silver-tongued"), a sweet-talker

megil: slender elven sword

meif: sense of balance

meldir: male friend

meldis: female friend

meleth: love, deep love (as for mate, muindor, family)

melethril: female mate, "lover" (a state of soul-bonded life-pairing existing only among the Eldar)

melethron: male mate, "lover" (a state of soul-bonded life-pairing existing only among the Eldar)

mellon: friend (generally)

melm: greed

men: road / direction

mend: thing sent

menegil: millenium, "thousand-year", space of 1000 years

menel: heaven, high place, region of the stars and of deity

menhel: hail (as in weather)

ment: sharp point

mereth: feast, festival

meril: rose

merilin: nightingale

meth: tail

methed: end, rear, hindmost part, "at the tail"

meur: lightning

mib: little kiss, peck

mdh: dew

ml: affection, "love"

milch: cow

minas: tower, citadel

mindon: isolated hill, watch-tower hill

minlamad: an alliterative form of verse

minuial: dawn, "morrowdim"

miphil: kiss to the mouth, as between mates

miphileg: tender kiss, kiss to the forehead, cheek, etc

mr: precious thing, treasure

mrdan: jewel-smith

mirian: gold coin used in Gondor, the central form of currency

miril: jewel

mirth: wine

miruvor: a sweet, warming drink made from honey

mistad: straying, error

mith: white, wet fog or mist, a low cloud

mithril: "true-silver", a brilliant silvery metal that is very strong and extremely light

miul: whine, mewl, whimper

miur: cat

moch: hatred, hate

moeas: dough

mn: womb

mr: darkness, blackness

morchant: Shadow, force of darkness

morgul: the black arts

mornedhel: dark-elf

morthond: blackroot

mudas: labor, toil, work, effort

muindor: "dear-brother", male partner to a male (not lover; a state of soul-bonded life-pairing existing only among the Eldar)

muinthel: "dear-sister", female partner to a female (not lover; a state of soul-bonded life-pairing existing only among the Eldar)

ml: slave

mund: bull

ml: seagull



nad: thing, object; also used as "something"

nadhras: pasture

naeth: woe, great sorrow

naegor: pain

naergon: lament, song of woe

naid: shame

naith: wedge, projecting pointed object / spearhead

nalant: attack

nan: open grassland

nana: an informal version of  "mother", does not translate directly but is the equivalent of "mom", "mommy", "mum"

nand: harp

naneth: mother

nar: flame

nr: rat

narch: rip, tear

nardh: knot

narn: a tale or saga that is told in spoken verse, not sung

narthan: beacon

nass: point

nath: webbing, netting

nathon: weaver, webster

naug: "stunted", an uncomplimentary elven term for a dwarf

naur: fire

nauth: thought

nauthar: mind

nauther: imagination

naf: mouth

nav: consonant

naw: idea

nechag: scowl

nedhu: cushion

neith: misery

neithan: one who had been wronged or deprived

nl: tooth

nell: bell

nelladel: the ringing of bells

nelthil: triangle

nem: nose

nen: water (generally)

nnu: waterlily

nestad: healing

nestor: healer

neun: (see document on Eldarin society)

ncaer: apology

nienor: grief, mourning

nier: honey-bee

nf: front (of something)

nimphel: pearl

nn: tear

ninglor: golden water-flower with a sweet scent

nnim: "snowdrop", a tiny white flower that blooms in early spring

niphred: pallor, paleness

niphredil: pale winter flower

nr: weeping

nirh: force, thrust, shove, hard push, pressure

niss: frost

nth: youth (state of)

nod: number, numeral

nol: knoll, small hill

nolbu: mole, burrowing animal

nor: land, country, nation (political more than physical region)

norad: riding, ride

nordh: cord

noss: kindred, clan

nost: family, house

nothrim p: those of the house (of)

nucun: humility

num: trap, snare

nn: sunset

nr: species, race (kind of people)

nural: complaint

nur: yesterday

nurn: wheel

nurr: growl

nyen: goat

nw: noose



odhril: female parent

odhron: male parent

odoss: seven-day (human/hobbit) week

l: dream

old: cliff

olf: stick of wood

oll: fast, torrential mountain stream

oloth: vision, apparition

olwen: stick, twig

oneth: pregnant female

onnon: birth

ophidian: water-snake

orch: orc, goblin

orhen: eyebrow

orn: a large tree

orph: ridgepole

orod: mountain

orodben: mountaineer

orodrim: range of mountains

orth: victory

orthelian: canopy

orthon: victor

oscan: description

osp: smoke

ost: walled, protected city

ostor: enclosure

othlonn: paved way

othrad: street

othronn: underground fortress or stronghold

ovras: large amount or number of something, ex. crowd, heap



pd: walkway, path

paich: juice, juices

palantr: a magicked globe through which far-away events can be seen, or communication made

palas: swath, drapery

palath: surface

paliss: green area, grassy field, lawn

palur: bosom, chest

pn: plank, fixed board

panas: floor

pand: courtyard

parf: book

parth: field (like on a farm)

parvas: library

parvason: librarian

parvel: paper, parchment (pieces of, or substance)

path: physical grace

pathred: fullness

pathu: level space

paur: fist

p: lip

peg: small spot, dot, point of placement

pein: shaped or carved piece of wood

pel: fenced field

peleth (pelin): act of fading, withering

pelos: egg

pelthaes: pivot

pen: person, "one" (as a person); also used as "someone"

pend: declivity, decline

pendrath: stairway, ladder

penedh: speaker, one who is speaking

pennas: historical account

pent: tale, story

peng: pout

pered: halving, dividing

peredhel: "half-elf", also used of those who are quarter-elven, or three-quarters elven, or any part-blood that still shows signs of both heritages

perian: adult male hobbit

perianeth: adult female hobbit

pesseg: pillow

peth: word

pethron: narrator, story-teller

p: cherry

pic: berry

piling: arc or flight of an arrow

pilin: arrow

pinn: stone ridge

pd: paw, foot (of an animal, not person)

pol: oats

post: pause, respite, brief rest

pr: flour, meal

prestanneth: lenition of consonants / troubling, change, alteration

p: bath, cleansing



qual: indifference, neutrality

qualm: great pain, agony

quess: proverb, saying

quital: uncertainty



racel: sparrow

rach: wagon, cart

rd: narrow path, trail

radag: beast, dangerous beast

raef: fishing net

raegdan: wrong-doer

raew: fathom of depth (~ 6 feet)

rafn: feather

raien: smile

rain: wandering

raiw: lace, ribbon

ram: wall

rambil: drum

rammas: great wall

randr: wanderer, "pilgrim"

rant: lode, vein

raph: rope

rass: horn (of an animal) / arrival

rast: frown

rath: riverbed, streambed

raug: demon

raw: riverbank

r: a day

rein: track, spoor, footprint

rem: mesh, net, web

rn: margin

res: canyon

rest: cut, slice, slash

restach: pride, arrogance

rhach: curse

rhanc: arm

rhand: blade (of a sword or knife)

rhass: precipice

rhavann: wild creature

rhaw: flesh, body

rhim: cold mountain pool or lake

rhinc: flourish, flaired movement or action

rh: loud sound

rhui: lion, large cat

r: crown

rel: wreath, garland

rf: smooth bark (of a tree or bush)

rim: crowd, host, great number of people

rn: remembrance

rinc: twitch, jerk, sudden move

rind: circle

ring: shake, tremor

rion: nest (of a bird)

rs: queen

risc: disk

riss: ravine

rith: rib

roch: horse

rochir: horse-lord

rochon: horse-rider

rd: descendant (person)

roen: pursuit, chase

rohinu: mare

rohanu: stallion

rom: horn, trumpet

romru: sound of horns

rn: stuff, substance, physical matter or thing (as opposed to mental or spiritual)

rond: vaulted or arched roof, as in a great chamber

ross (rhoss): rain

rost: pipe (recorder, etc)

rot: pipe, tube, tunnel

roth: debt

roval: wing (of a bird, bat, insect)

rovan: rough bark (of a tree or bush)

r: secret

ruid: glade

rum: mystery, unknown thing

rumal: shoulder

rn: sunrise

rnil: red flame

rus: coruscation, light-halo about the sun or moon

rusc: fox

rust: copper (metal)

rth: anger, fury

rn: chaser, pursuer / hunting-hound



sabar: mine

sacil: splinter of wood

sad: place, spot, position

sdh: sward, turf

sador: faithful one, loyal companion

saebiaf: "bitterfruit", lemon?

saelan: wisdom

saen: law, rule

saer: pleasure

saew: poison

saip: boot, shoe, footwear

salab: herb

sall: hall, corridor

salp: bowl

salph: broth, soup

sam: chamber, room

samna: diphthong

sanc: crack, split

sang: collection

sann: compress (of herbs, etc)

sant: garden, yard

sarch: grave, tomb

sarn: (see document on Eldarin society)

saw: nectar, syrup, fruit juice

sell: girl-child of any speaking race

senil: stroke, caress

seregon: a plant with large, deep red flowers

sern (sarn): small stone, pebble, cobble

sernas: cairn, pile of stones

seron: lover (a state of unbonding and unmarriage most common among humans)

sibil: necklace

sdh: quiet, calm, peace

sigil: dagger, fighting-knife

sl: shine, the shine on a surface

simb: flute

siniath: news, tidings

sinnarn: novel tale

sr: today

sr: stream

siril: rivulet

sirion: small river

sithagon: dragonfly

siu: tonight

sod: faithfulness, loyalty

solch: an edible root

sovas: resemblance, likeness

sovriel: purification

suf: breast, bosom (syn. to but different than "chest")

suilad: greeting

suilannad: the offering of greetings (from another)

suith: draught, medicine

sl: wind

sunc: goblet, cup, drinking vessel

sund: base, bottom, root (not of a tree)



tacel: small, fast lizard

tachol: pin, brooch

taeg: limit, "line"

taen: summit, height of a mountain

taes: nail

taew: holder, socket, hasp, clasp, clip, fastener, tie

taid: second-in-command

taig: toe

taith: letter, mark (as in writing)

tagol: signpost, mark

tl: foot

talad: slope, incline

talaf: ground (as in "on the ground")

talagan: musician, one who plays music

talan: wooden platform tied or balanced in a tree

talas: sail of a ship

talath: flat surface, plane

taldrin: ankle

talf: plain, flatland

talm: foundation

tan: firewood

tand: juniper

tang: bowstring

tang: twang, sound of the string of a harp or bow

t: way of doing something, method

tarad: plate

tarag: steep mountain path

taran: cause, reason

taras: trouble, problem, harassment

tarias: difficulty, hardship

trin: height (measure of)

tarn: passage, gateway, way in or through

tarnon: gatekeeper

tarug: ox

tass: labor, task, job

tathar: willow

taur: great forest

tauron: person of the forest

taus: thatching

tavor: woodpecker

taw: wool cloth

tawar: wood (as a material)

t: line

tegil: pen, quill, writing instrument

tegilbor: writer, one skilled in writing and/or calligraphy

tegir: leader, guide

tehta: one of a series of marks placed over a consonant to represent a following vowel (in Quenya) or over a vowel to represent a second following vowel, forming a diphthong (in Sindarin)

telc: the vertical stroke of a Tengwar letter

telc: stride, pace

telch: stem (of a plant) / leg

tel: end, finish, conclusion

telien: play, sport, game

tellen: sole of foot

telm: hood

teln: blanket

teloth: shelter

telu: dome

tma: a series of Tengwar letters

tenar: sixth sense, inner-sense

Tengwar: the calligraphic alphabet designed for Quenya, but also used for Sindarin

tengwest: grammar

tenil: "feeling", sense of something

teret: auger, drill

tevin: flag, standard, banner

tw: written letter, correspondence, document

thavan: post, pillar

tham: hall, large public room

thamas: great hall

thand: shield

thang: compulsion, need, duress

thangail: "shield-fence", a battle formation of the Dnedain

thr: grass

thavron: woodwright, woodworker

thalion: one who remains firm in purpose, dauntless person

tharas: footstool

tharbad: cross-way, cross-road

thl: sister

thelen: purpose, reason

thew: sign, symbol

thim: shelf

thin: evening

thinnas: mark over a vowel to indicate that its very short

thr: face, expression, countenance

thirn: brow, forehead

thl: helm, helmet

thn: pine

thond: root (of a plant or tree)

thoniel: kindler, maker of fires

throd: torrent

thorion: eagles eyrie

thoron: eagle

thrond: great hall or chamber with a vaulted roof

th: scent, smell

thl: breath

t: line, row (of buildings, objects)

tiar: agent, one who works on anothers behalf

tien: direction

tf: resentment

tild: horn, point (of a mountain)

tim: light rain, drizzle

tin: sparkle

tinc: metal (generally)

tindom: "star-fading"

tindu: starry night

ting: flint

tinu: small star

tirith: watch, guarding, vigil

tirn: watcher, guard

tith: spark

tiug: thigh

tiul: mast of a ship

tiur: cheese

tiva: "moment", indeterminate very short period of time

toba: roof

tobas: roofing

tol: isle, island

tolth: call, summons

tr: brother

torech: lair, den, hole (of an animal)

torn: low, rolling hill

torog: troll

toss: bush

trann: shire, district

trenarn: account, tale of events

trew: a pair of pants, leggings

t: muscle, sinew / physical strength, power

tuar: servant

tc: pull, tug

tuilinn: swallow

tuiw: sprout, bud

tulf: pole

tulu: help, aid, support

tulus: poplar

tum: deep valley among hills

tump: lump, hump

tund: mound of dirt

tung: resonance

tr: mastery

tuth: tinder

tyrn: downs



an: monster, hideous beast

udn: Hell, the realm of Morgoth

u: fleece

garth: wrong, bad, or terrible deed; sin

uial: twilight (not time but rather light; could be dawn or dusk, for example)

uil: envelope, something that envelops

uilos: "evermind", "simbelmyn", a small white flower

uir: eternity

l: odor, stench, bad smell

ulcu: evil

ulug: ill fate, "bad luck"

n: creature

undom: "star-opening"

ungol: huge spider, bred of evil

r: heat

uran: oven

urug: Uruk-hai

thaes: temptation, inducement to do wrong

uvann: danger



vadh: worth, value

vaec: overtunic, jerkin

vaim: robe

valin: happiness, delight

varf: armor

ven: raft

ves: presense, sense of a person

vrin: "moon-substance", "moonsilver"



waith: wilderness

wain: sheath for knife or sword

wandil: staff, walking-stick

warg: a ferocious horse-sized canid ridden by orcs. In some places texts translate "wolf" from "warg", but a distinction must be made -- a wolf (draug) is merely the common wild canine, a warg is the type of "wolf-beast" associated with orcs

wren: agreement

wr: finding of a mate, betrothal


X (not used)



yail: mocking, scorn

yarr: snarl

yn: "long year", space of 144 years (the Quenya term, most often used)

yiss: hiss

ylf: brand

yon: grape

r: course, path, way

yl: ember

yurn: wear (on on object)


Z (not used)