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   Men (Aphadrim)

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Eldarin Language Resources

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min: one, 1

minui: first

td: two, 2

tadui: second

neled: three, 3

nelui: third

canad: four, 4

canthui: fourth

leben: five, 5

lefnui: fifth

eneg: six, 6

enchui: sixth

odog: seven, 7

othui: seventh

toloth: eight, 8

tollui: eighth

neder: nine, 9

nedrui: ninth

caer: ten, 10

caenui: tenth

minig: eleven, 11

minchui: eleventh (conjecture based on similar num. "eneg/enchui")

rasad: twelve, 12

rasthui: twelfth (conjecture based on similar num. "canad/canthui")


tadchaer: twenty, 20

tadchaenen: twentieth

min-dadchaer: twenty-one, 21 (all in-between numbers are spoken such; twenty-two would be tad-dadchaer and so on)

nelchaer: thirty, 30

nelchaenen: thirtieth

canchaer: forty, 40

canchaenen: fortieth

lefchaer: fifty, 50

lefchaenen: fiftieth

enchaer: sixty, 60

enchaenen: sixtieth

othchaer: seventy, 70

othchaenen: seventieth

tolchaer: eighty, 80

tolchaenen: eightieth

nedchaer: ninety, 90

nedchaenen: ninetieth

haran: one hundred, 100

haranen: one hundreth


(although quite capable of counting in the above times-ten method, and often doing so for and among other races, within their own culture the Eldar have a times-twelve system; therefore the following might be useful to have on reference)

tadrasad: twenty-four, 24

tadrathui: twenty-fourth

min-dadrasad: twenty-five, 25 (the same rule applies in this system as written above)

nelrasad: thirty-six, 36

nelrathui: thirty-sixth

canrasad: forty-eight, 48

canrathui: forty-eighth

lebrasad: sixty, 60

lebrathui: sixtieth

enrasad: seventy-two, 72

enrathui: seventy-second

othrasad: eighty-four, 84

othrathui: eighty-fourth

tolrasad: ninety-six, 96

tolrathui: ninety-sixth

nedrasad: one hundred and eight, 108

nedrathui: one hundred and eighth

host: one hundred forty-four, 144

hostui: one hundred forty-fourth


meneg: one thousand

perin: one-half

tadol: double

neleth: one-third

canath: one-fourth


Useful numerating adjectives

pach: none

li: some

pan: all

mach: each, every (singular)

uio: both

ilia: every (many, all in a group)

qu: any

vain: few

limb: much, many

ovor: abundant

ter: rare

-ner: more

-nir: most

-ver: less

-vir: least