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Eldarin Language Resources

Sindarin Tengwar

    The Tengwar is the Eldarin phonetic alphabet.  There are several forms as to which letter is paired with which sound, but basically the same pattern of letters remains.  Developed for Quenya, it was then also modified for Sindarin usage.  Although the Avari are not generally a writing people, even they have derived a form of their own Tengwar.  The Men of Numenor used this script, as well as those descended from Elendil.

    Even if you plan never to write in or read Tengwar, an understanding of the charts of letters and how groups of them relate is extremely useful in understanding Sindarin grammar.  This is especially true when dealing with mutations of any kind, since they tend to run up or down a single column of letters.

    And if you ever do want to actually use Tengwar, these charts will prove invaluable!!  With that possibility in mind, charts of numerals and punctuation marks are also included, at the bottom.


    t      p     c      qu
   d      b     g      gw
   th      f      ph    ch      hw
    dh      v     gh      ghw
    nn      mm     ng      ngw
    n      m        w


     l       r       s      y (vowel)
     lh       rh         yw
     ll       rr       ss       y (consonant)


     a       ae    ai     ao     au, aw
     e      ea      ei      eo     eu, ew
      i     ia      ie        io       iu, iw
     o      oa     oe    oi        ou
     u      ua     ue     ui     uo  




    0     1     2     3    
      4     5     6    
       7     8      9    
       10      11      *12     *122    *123


         ,          ?           "-           '
          ;           !           -"          -
          :         --           (  
        .         &           )