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aba-: complete, make complete

acha-: fear, dread, be afraid, be frightened

achra-: frighten

adalta-: collapse, fall down

adertha-: reunite

adlanna-: slope, tilt, slant

agora-: thin, thin out

alcara-: be inactive, do nothing, be still

ama-: bless

amor-: heave, surge

anidh-: avoid

anra-: desire, long for, want deeply

anglenna-: approach, move toward

anna-: give, grant

anwara-: be in awe, wonder

apa-: worry, be concerned, feel worry or concern

aphad-: follow, walk behind

archina-: be tired, lacking in energy

athrada-: cross, traverse

aula-: invent, come up with

aut-: go away, leave

avab-: forbid, disallow

awartha-: abandon



bacha-: sell

banga-: trade, bargain, buy

bar-: dwell, stay, live, abide (permanently)

bartha-: doom

batha-: trample, walk all over

baug-: restrain, hold back

baugla-: oppress

baur-: provoke, goad

benn-: cut out

beria-: protect, defend

bertha-: dare

besta-: wed

blab-: beat, flap, flutter (as in wings)

boda-: ban, prohibit

breith-: break, shatter

breitha-: break out suddenly, happen suddenly, begin suddenly

bronia-: last, survive, endure

buda-: jut out, stick out

bui-: need

buia-: serve, hold allegiance to



cab-: leap

caeda-: lie, lay

cal-: light up, brighten

calpa-: draw up, scoop up

capa-: surprise, startle

cam-: adapt, accomodate

can-: call, shout, scream, cry out

car-: do

cav-: yield, give in, give up / submit (to), bow (to the authority of)

cega-: snag, catch on something

cen-: see

cenda-: study

cer-: enjoy, like

ciab-: taste

cil-: choose, decide

cirma-: part, part ways, separate from companion(s)

col-: carry, bear

con-: govern, rule, command, lead

critha-: reap, harvest (as on a farm)

cua-: bend, bow, arch

cuia-: live

cuina-: be alive / have energy



daetha-: praise, applaud with words, show appreciation, recognize deed(s)

dag-: slay, kill

dagra-: battle, war, make war

damma-: forge

dan-: answer, reply

danna-: fall

dar-: stop, halt

dartha-: stay, wait, remain

dav-: permit, allow

delia-: conceal, hide (self)

dhena-: forgive (a thing, an action)

dilia-: stop up

doltha-: conceal, hide (another person or thing)

dortha-: dwell, stay, live, abide (for a while)

drautha-: be weary

drava-: hew

drega-: flee

dringa-: beat, strike, pound, hammer

dui-: flow in large volume or amount

duil-: expect

dura-: believe



ea-: exist, be

echuia-: wake

echad-: fashion, form, shape, make

edel-: come out

edena-: renew, restore

eder-: save, rescue

edonna-: beget, conceive

edledhia-: go into exile

edlothia-: blossom, flower

edra-: open

edonna-: beget, conceive a child

egla-: forsake

egleria-: glorify, praise greatly

eith-: stab, pierce, thrust into

eitha-: treat with scorn, insult

endu-: come back, come again, return

eph-: go around, encircle

er-: to be alone

ercha-: prick (like a needle or thorn)

eria-: rise, climb, ascend

ertha-: unite, join

esgal-: obscure, veil, screen, make hard to see

esta-: name

estelia-: trust, have strong hope, have faith



faena-: emit light, glow

faica-: feel contempt

faltha-: foam

fara-: hunt

farn-: suffice, be enough

fasca-: splash

faug-: gape open / gape, stare

fedh-: ally, loosely unite

fitha-: to have spirit, spunk

fi-: deserve

fuia-: feel disgust at, abhor, detest

fur-: lie, tell an untruth, be false, deceive / pretend, feign



gad-: imprison, cage up

gala-: grow

ganna-: play music

gar-: hold, have, own, possess

gawa-: howl

gel-: joy (in), rejoice, triumph, celebrate

genedia-: reckon, count, note (as in time)

gir-: shudder, shiver

glavra-: babble

gl-: gleam, reflect

gleina-: bound, enclose, limit

glimra-: notice, take notice of, pay attention

glin-: hang, dangle

glinna-: glance

glir-: sing-chant, tell a tale in song-poem

gohena-: forgive (a person, an offender)

gola-: learn

gol-: teach

gonathra-: entangle, enmesh (a person, in some affair)

gonod-: count up, sum up, add up

gortha-: haunt

gosta-: fear exceedingly

gova-: meet

groga-: feel terror, be terrified

gruitha-: terrify

gwaed-: touch, feel

gwanna-: depart (for a long trip, for the Havens) / die

gwara-: betray

gwatha-: stain, soil, dirty

gwathra-: overshadow, dim

gwedh-: bind, bond, fuse together (used for intrapersonal bonding)

gwer-: plait, braid

gwera-: twist

gweria-: win over, overcome, defeat

gwesta-: swear, promise

gwin-: flash (as in light, or quick speed) / wink



hab-: cover

haba-: crouch, squat

hacu-: yawn

had-: hurl, throw

hada-: rip open, tear into, gash (deeply, openly)

haec-: put aside

haltha-: screen off

hamma-: clothe

han-: increase, add to, enhance

hanna-: thank

hand-: appreciate, be thankful for

hara-: treasure, hold very dear

harna-: injure, wound

hartha-: hope (abstract, as in "I hope so")

hasta-: hack, hack at, hack through

hatha-: hold onto something, grasp tightly

hav-: sit

heb-: keep, retain

heca-: stand aside, move out of the way

helca-: freeze

heltha-: strip

hnda-: adopt (a child)

henia-: know, understand

her-: pray

heria-: begin, start

heru-: have power, have influence

hila-: inherit

hilara-: bequeath, cause another to inherit what is yours

hima-: stick, adhere

hir-: find

hoda-: rest, lie at ease

hortha-: urge on, speed on, impel / send flying

hud-: assemble, come together, put together, gather, collect

hwinia-: twirl, whirl, spin



iesta-: wish

ifer-: sigh, release a deep breath

ing-: guess, suppose

isin-: escape

ista-: know, have knowledge

iuitha-: use, employ


J (not used)


K (not used)



lab-: hop

lacha-: flame, blaze

lada-: smooth out / soothe

ladwina-: be fair, equitable, unbiased

laeca-: sharpen, hone

laga-: hurry

lala-: laugh

lamma-: utter, make a sound

lasta-: listen

latha-: hear, catch a sound

lathra-: listen in, eavesdrop

laugra-: warm, make warm

lav-: lick

lava-: skip over, pass over

leba-: pick up, pick out

lem-: leave behind

lena-: exceed

lenn-: stretch

lesta-: measure

letha-: slacken, loosen

lethia-: free, set free, loose, release

lhoss-: whisper

lilta-: dance

lim-: drip

limmida-: moisten, dampen

lin-: sing, lilt

linna-: chant, recite a poem (with rhythm, without music)

loch-: loop

loda-: float

loss-: snow

losta-: sleep

lud-: sail over water

luith-: falter, hesitate

luithia-: quench, satiate

luma-: brood over, brood about

lumna-: lie heavy on heart or mind (as in sorrow, responsibility)

lunda-: flood

lunga-: sag, droop

lungra-: weigh

luntha-: balance

ltha-: enchant

luva-: swallow

luvu-: lower



mab-: seize, take by force

maba-: grasp, take / claim (for/so ones own)

macha-: ask, request, beg

mad-: eat

mada-: feed, give food to

maeda-: interest

mael-: lust after or for

maetha-: fight, struggle

maha-: have authority

maila-: care for, nurture, take care of / raise, bring up (as in children, animals, plants)

mar-: happen

masta-: cook, bake, prepare food

matha-: handle, hold or work with in hands

mau-: compel, encourage

mei-: balance

mela-: deeply love (as to mate, muindor, family)

men-: send

messa-: get wet, drench, soak

mib-: kiss

mla-: love, feel affection, be fond

minna-: enter, go in

mista-: stray, err

moca-: hate

mona-: spend (time, money, etc)

muda-: labor, toil, work

muil-: shed, let fall off

mula-: mumble, mutter



naegra-: feel pain

nag-: bite

naga-: gnaw, chew

naida-: shame, put to shame

nalan-: attack

nalla-: cry

nar-: burn, set aflame

narcha-: rend, rip, tear, sunder (apart)

narda-: knot, knot together

narva-: burn, be burnt, flame, be aflame

nasta-: point (to, toward)

nath-: weave, web

nathul-: become

nautha-: conceive, think, imagine

necha-: scowl

nedh-: cushion, soften

nedia-: count

neitha-: wrong, offend / deprive, rob

nella-: sound bells, ring bells

nesta-: heal

nestag-: insert, put in

nca-: apologize

nien-: grieve, mourn

nimmida-: whiten, pale

nir-: force, thrust, shove, push hard, press

nod-: bind (physically)

nor-: run

nora-: ride

norva-: run smoothly, work well, go well, happen without trouble

nosta-: smell, scent

nuar-: roll

nucu-: humble

nuitha-: cause to halt, stop short, discontinue

num-: trap, ensnare, catch, capture

nuquer-: invert, turn around, turn over

nura-: complain

nurna-: wail

nurr-: growl

nutha-: sink, descend, "set" when referring to sun or moon



oltha-: dream

onna-: birth, give birth

orar-: erode, eat away slowly

ortha-: lift, raise

orthel-: cover or screen over (an area)

orthor-: conquer, have victory

osca-: describe

osgar-: cut around, cut off / go around, encircle

ovra-: abound



pada-: walk

palp-: mix

palu-: extend, put out

pand-: include

panna-: open up, enlarge, expand

panta-: spread, spread out / unfurl

par-: compose, put together

partha-: arrange

pathra-: fill

parva-: read

ped-: speak, say, talk

pel-: fade, wither

pelia-: spread out over a space, scatter

penga-: pout

penia-: fix, repair

penna-: slant downward

per-: to halve, divide in the middle

posta-: pause, take a respite or brief rest

presta-: trouble, disturb, affect, change, alter

p-: bathe, cleanse, wash

puia-: spit

pul-: be able

pusta-: blow (as in breath)



quern-: turn

qui-: squeak

quita-: be uncertain

quor-: choke, drown, suffocate, die for lack of air



racha-: wane, lessen, shrink

rada-: make a way, find a way

raia-: smile

raima-: connect, put together, network together

ran-: stray / wander, travel about with no particular destination

rass-: arrive

rast-: frown

ratha-: reach

rava-: roar (as in sound)

redh-: plant, sow

raeda-: catch in a net

reina-: track, trail

rem-: enlace, enmesh, entangle, entwine (as in threads, ropes)

remba-: move, shift

revia-: fly, sail through the air

rhach-: curse, bespell

rhib-: scratch

rib-: pour

rien-: crown, wreathe

rig-: twine, tangle together

rimma-: rush, flow like a torrent

rin-: remember

ringa-: shake, tremble

rinna-: remind

rista-: cut, slice, slash (cleanly)

ritha-: jerk, twitch

roe-: pursue, chase, chase after

ronta-: nap, sleep lightly

ross-: rain

rotha-: excavate, dig, hollow out

rua-: doubt

ruca-: crumble, fall apart

rutha-: anger, infuriate



sab-: dig

saer-: to please, pleasure, make glad

san-: compress, press, pack tight

sanc-: crack, split

sanga-: gather, collect, put together

sautha-: drain

sed-: go still, stop moving

sedh-: quiet, calm, be at peace

seidia-: set aside, appoint to a special purpose

sena-: stroke, pet, caress

sla-: shine

siria-: flow

siru-: sway

soga-: drink

soll-: close, shut

sn-: purify, make pure

sor-: trail behind, trail after

sova-: resemble, look like

suila-: greet

suilanna-: offer greetings (from another)

sultha-: blow (as in wind)



tad-: repeat

taech-: have care, be careful

taf-: block, close off, keep away

taina-: extend, lengthen / prolong, draw out

taitha-: fasten, tie

tam-: tap

tamma-: knock

tana-: show, display

tanc-: be certain, sure

tanga-: make ready, prepare

tangada-: confirm, make certain, establish

tar-: cause, make happen

tarab-: buffet, toss about (as by the wind)

teitha-: write / draw

tel-: finish, end, conclude

telca-: stride, pace

telia-: play, sport, game

temma-: lock, seal shut

tena-: feel, sense (with inner-sense)

thar-: thwart, prevent from completion

thara-: cross, go across

thel-: intend, mean, purpose, resolve, will

thera-: try, attempt

thia-: appear, seem

thilia-: glisten

thinna-: pale, fade

thon-: kindle, start a fire

thor-: swoop, dive, leap down

thora-: fence

thuia-: breathe

thura-: keep secret, keep hidden

tin-: sparkle

tir-: look, gaze at, watch

tiria-: watch over, guard

titha-: blink

tiv-: resent

toba-: cover, roof over

tog-: lead, bring

tol-: come

toltha-: fetch, summon, call, make come

tora-: share

tortha-: wield, control, command

trasta-: harass, cause trouble

trenar-: recount, tell about

trevad-: travel with a purpose, to a specific destination

tua-: serve

tuca-: pull, tug

tui-: swell with young (animals and people)

tuia-: sprout, spring up

tul-: stand, stand up

tula-: help, aid, support

tulca-: fix, set

tulga-: comfort

tur-: master, learn ultimately

tuva-: receive



ubed-: deny

ui-: envelop, surround

untha-: daze (also "glaze" when referring to eyes)

ur-: heat, make hot

usca-: reek, stink, smell bad

ust-: burn, be very hot (inward)

usta-: burn, harm by burning (outward)

tha-: tempt, try, test



vada- : to have worth, have value, be valuable

vaed-: wrap

valina-: be happy, feel happiness

vana-: lose, misplace

vanwa-: disappear, vanish

vor-: continue



wain-: sheathe, put away

wan-: pass, go by

wera-: agree


X (not used)



yai-: mock, make fun of, scorn

yarra-: snarl

yi-: heed, harken to

yiss-: hiss

yul-: smoulder

yur-: wear on, wear out


Z (not used)