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Creation: The Counting of the Stars

Long ago.... in the foundations of the sea

From the mounts of stone, before red tree and acorn made

Above young, beyond old, ever far, reaching far to those distant places...

In the darkness not yet sun, in the dimness not yet moon

In the rustling not yet waters, and He counted the stars.


"Forty," he said, "were made for my people."

"Thirty-nine for the races upon the earth,

And to each number ten tenfold and vaster numbers than these...

And great wonders of splendour to decorate my skies

And they shall be the gemstones underneath my feet."


Then fifty more and many with them he made, and their number is yet uncount

And to these he gave the gift of enchantment

"That many who look upon them shall be marveling at their splendour"

And with this also came mystery. Ai, to enchant the stars, Eru did

And we were yet born...


***This song was written by Erelind of Valinor, and archived by Glorfindel in Imladris in the mid Third Age.  It is a part of the original Quenya verse taught amongst the Silvan and Sindar of the beginning of days.