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   Most commonly known for his position in the higharchy of Gondolin, there was another thing for which Ecthelion was known.  A great singer, songwriter, and history teller, perhaps of all bards, his tales are the most written.  This is not confirmed, however, for he rarely put his name to a song.  His authorship is suggested by writing style.

  Ecthelion was Lord of the Fountains of Ondolindė and the House of the Fountains, neun (see dictionary) beneath the king Turgon, as a captain of the guard. He perished, so ‘tis said, fighting Gothmog, lord of the Balrogs, whom he dragged into the cold waters of his fountain in the Siege on Gondolin. Whether or not this is true is yet unknown, based of the knowledge that Glorfindel was not slain as he fell from the peak with the Balrog, though near to it. Ecthelion was renowned as one of the fairest singers in Gondolin and, whether or not this is true, many of his songs have been long preserved by the Eldar of "Undomė" and the "Awakening", and their nights upon the shores of Eldamar. He also wrote many a song of Gondolin, which though it is painful for the Eldar to remember that place, such songs were passed on and kept by Men in the libraries that would later become the Records of Minas Tirith in the latter Third Age.

   Of his songs, he is well remembered and told of, and many men learned much from his recorded and verses, passed to Men by Finrod Felagund.