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Ai! laurië lantar lassi súrinen,

yéni únótimë ve rámar aldaron!

Yéni ve lintë yuldar avánier

mi oromardi lisse-miruvóreva

Andúnë pella, Vardo tellumar

nu luini yassen tintilar I eleni

ómaryo airetári-lírinen

Sí man i yulma nin enquantuva?

An sí Tintallë Varda Oiolossëo

ve fanyar máryat Elentári ortanë,

ar ilyë tier undulávë lumbulë

ar sindanóriello caita mornië

i falmalinnar imbë met, ar hísië

untúpa Calaciryo míri oialë

Sí vanwa ná, Rómello vanwa, Valimar!

Namárië! Nai hiruvalyë Valimar

Nai elyë hiruva. Namárië!



Ah! Like shining gold fall the leaves in the wind

Long years numberless as the wings of trees!

The years have passed like swift draughts of the sweet mead

in lofty halls beyond the West

beneath the blue vaults of Varda wherein

the stars tremble in the song

of her voice, holy and queenly.

Who now shall refill the cup for me?

For now the Kindler, Varda, the Queen of the stars

from Mount Everwhite has uplifted her hands like clouds

and all paths are drowned in deep shadow;

and out of a grey country darkness

lies on the foaming waves between us,

and mist covers the jewels of Calacirya for ever

Now lost, lost to those from the East is Valimar!

Farewell!  Maybe thou shalt find Valimar.

Maybe even thou shalt find it.  Farewell!


***This song written by Galadriel in Laurelindorenan, time unknown, thought to have been written in Yestare.