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Of the Eldar

   History has been passed for ages beyond recount by word-of-mouth, passed in songs from parents to children down through generations.  Many of the songs of the Eldar recount events in history, while many others were written to praise Vala or Eru.  Some are written in times of great feeling, and to describe places or times, while yet others were merely created to sing to a flower, or a tree, or a bird fluttering down through the skies.  Eldarin music often has cadence, but it is often incomplete cadence, and when these verses are translated from their original Sindarin forms into Westron or English, the cadence is lost.  Other songs are written in free verse and have no set rhythmic or rhyming devices.  Many of the original verses of Quenya are thus.  Many of their most beloved and some more obscure verses are recorded here, though few of the bards' names are known.

(List is quite incomplete - updates soon following)


A! Elbereth Gilthoniel     Often a traveling song, sung on long journeys, many times to the West and Valinor.

Namri    This bears the longing and sorrow of one of Valinor abandoned for uncount       years in Middle Earth, a farewell bidding to those who leave

Tale of arendil    Although this is not Eldarin verse written by their people, it is counted among the stories of the Eldar.

The Fall of Gil-galad    An incomplete account of the verses, as was translated by Bilbo Baggins in the Third Age of the lay The Fall of Gil-galad

Lthien Tinviel     One of the most ancient of songs of love among the Eldar, it is sung oft by maidens in the shifting and changing of the seasons.

Nimrodel    A fair song of the woodland people, known only to them.

The Ent and the Entwife    Also known as the "Battle of the Best."  Joyous tale written undoubtedly by the Silvan, multiple writers forged this song of and for the Ents, whom they hold dear. 

The Seedlings / The Awakening    Ancient words, passed down in teaching children, of the stirring of the earth.

The Verse of the Rings    Lay of the Rings

Creation: The Counting of the Stars    Adapted from the original Quenya verse of Eldarin history.

Leaves of Gold

Of Ending Time    The story tainted with distant doom of the Eldar from the First Age

The Sea Awakening

To the Sea!