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(Forward Note: While in some accounts it is told of the Eldar of Aman traveling from Ennor to Valinor, this follows the history that there were, indeed, two separate branches of the Eldar in Arda.)


Quendi - The Eldar who awoke in Aman, and their direct descendants.

                                                Mínnonar - The "Firstborn".  The first Eldar who awoke at Cuivienen, the ancestors of all the Quendi.  Most of the Mínnonar it would seem remained in Aman, but a very few are known to have traveled to Ennor.

                                                Vanyar - The "Fair-elves", "High-elves".  They are known for their own beauty of body and soul, and also for the artistry, song, and tales that they create and surround themselves with.  A few of the first people who traveled to Ennor were Vanyar, although not many, and any children and later generations would most likely have been called Noldor.

                                                Noldor - The "Wise-elves", "Golodhrim", "Deep-elves".  The largest group of those who made the journey from Aman to Ennor, and their descendants.  Known as the greatest and most powerful of all the Eldar.  The first Noldor of Ennor included not only those who crossed Helcaraxë but also the Fëanorians, who were known for their great intelligence and cunning, and who passed those notable traits on to many of the most famous Noldor after them.  The Noldor as a people are known for their knowledge as well.  They are the lore-keepers, miners, and jewel-and-metal-workers of Ennor.

                                                Teleri - The "Sea-elves".  A number of these crossed Helcaraxë as well, but not as many as of the Noldor.  The Teleri had always been known as great mariners, and once in Ennor sailed to explore nearly every coast and inland river system they could reach as well as settling along the shores of Beleriand.  In Aman, they lived along the eastern coast, particularly at Tôl Eressëa.  The Teleri were the first to establish trade routes with Men of Ennor and Númenor, and are also the ones known for traveling back and forth from Eressëa to Ennor all the way from the late First Age until partway into the Fourth, with the end of the exodus.


Cwendi - The Eldar who awoke in Ennor, and their first descendants.  Later generations were known as the:

Avari / Silvyn - The "Wood-elves", "Wild-elves".  A completely different "race" of Eldar from the Vanyar, Noldor, and Teleri of Aman.  Born in Ennor, they have always had great ties to the land.  They are much more in tune with their instinctive side than the Quendi peoples, and closer to nature as well (despite the general Eldarin gifts for such).  The Avari first appeared in written history when some of them befriended the survivors of Helcaraxë, and aided them to learn to survive in Ennor.  Fierce in warfare and skilled in survival because of their birth and history in a land where there was darkness (rather than Aman where no evil lived), these people (who eventually became slightly more "civilized" and known as the Silvyn rather than Avari) were among the deadliest of warriors against Sauron in the Second and Third Ages.  Nevertheless, some of the more arrogant Noldor look down on them as a "lesser" people.  By the Third Age all known Silvyn reside to the east of the Misty Mountains, in Greenwood and Lothlórien.

                                                Iathrim - The "Doriathrim".  The most well-known group of Avari in western Ennor, the people of the proud forest-kingdom of Doriath in Beleriand.  Many of the survivors of the Iathrim after Doriath's destruction eventually moved to Lothlórien.

                                                Nandor - The "Denwaith".  The people of Ossiriand in East Beleriand.

                                                Laegrim - The "Green-elves", "Laiquendi".  They were named for their garb of greens which they used to hide in the forests of the lands that would become known as Minhiriath and Enedwaith, and a knowledge of woodcraft and woodland life second to none.

                                                Taurwaith - The "Forest-people".  The people who held their lands east of the Misty Mountains.  The people of Greenwood are nearly all of this group, and a good number of those from Lórien are of this heritage as well.

Sindar - The “Grey-elves”.  Sindar is a general name for the Eldar whose heritage is of both Noldorin/Telerin and Avarin/Silvan blood.  By the end of the Second Age the Sindar numbered the majority of all Eldar scattered over Ennor.

                                                Falathrim - The "Shore-elves", "Falmari".  Mostly descended from the Teleri, these were the people of Círbann and the surrounding coastal areas.  They held themselves under the rulership of Lord Círdan the Shipwright, and were primarily responsible for the Third Age’s exodus of the Eldar from Ennor to Aman.


Darthor and Sidhe - The “Remainder”, “Remaining”, and the "Peace-folk".  Those Eldar who chose to return under the leadership of Thranduil to Ennor just before the rift between Ennor and Aman was made.  These people chose to cast their fate with what would afterwards be the known world, because their heritage and lives before could not allow them to be content with the peace and gifts of Aman.  Most were of Silvan blood, though a few Sindar joined them.  They lived in the land that was Greenwood for some long time before persecution by Men drove them to flee westward.  Sometime in the latter part of the Fourth Age they eventually split into two groups, the Sidhe remaining in what is now the British Isles (particularly Ireland), and the Darthor traveling to settle in North America.