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A Brief Commentary on the Humans of Ennor


    Men were almost not included in this section simply because, honestly, any readers will be human and know their own species' physiology anyway.  Indeed, human physiology is often mentioned in the other articles, compared to or contrasted with, to aid in description.  However, I thought it perhaps best to point out some distinctions of the Men of Ennor in particular.

   In physical form, various groups were pretty much any size or shape of humans seen today.  However, they were not of any color seen today - rather they were all of Caucasian-type.  This is not said to be racially discriminating, merely a matter of geography; the Men of Ennor were the native peoples of what would become Europe and the Celtic lands.  They knew little of the Eastern lands except through mystical tales brought by a few traders, they were more familiar with but still distrustful of the Variags to the south of Gondor (the North African area), and lands farther south than that were only known of by the occasional rich items that came north via a system of traders.  The Americas and any land south of the equator would not be discovered for two millenia or more.  Therefore, other ethnic types were simply not known to them.

   That being said, the humans of Ennor did run a full range in appearance, having any natural hair or eye color, or skin shade, that you could see on one of fully Caucasian heritage.  Certain areas did seem to have notable types; the Men of Gondor were slimmer and darker-haired overall than those of Rohan, for example.  Hair was worn somewhat long, usually to the shoulders for a man and any length from shoulder blades down for a women.  Many men went bearded, but not all, and beards tended to run from extremely short to slightly bushed but well-trimmed.  Longer beards tended to be seen only on elderly men, as far as can be determined.

   One difference from humans of today was in lifespan.  It was considered normal for a Man to live up to a hundred years at least if fully human.  Those of N˙menorean blood such as the noble houses of Gondor and the D˙nedain of Eriador could expect lifespans of up to two hundred years, and a few with closer Eldarin heritage longer than that.  There were not any known true half-elven outside of Elrond's household of Imladris, however; western Men and Noldorin Eldar had once intermarried but seemed to do so no more by the Third Age - with the noted exception of Arwen and Aragorn, both of whom actually had mixed blood already.  As for the peoples east of the mountains, there is no indication that Silvyn or Sindar ever mate-bonded with humans, although some close friendships are written of.